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Modern Brilliance® Stuller’s Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Collection

Today’s consumer is conscious about their jewelry, how it’s made, and how accessible it is. Modern Brilliance is a solution that combines the timeless, romantic appeal of diamond jewelry with the qualities that attract the contemporary buyer.

Offer attainable luxury with Modern Brilliance, a curated selection of bridal and fine jewelry set entirely with lab-grown diamonds. Crafted with the quality and confidence you can expect from Stuller, discover the latest options in lab-grown diamond jewelry.

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Lab-grown diamond jewelry pieces that shine from everyday wear to special occasions.


Classic and on-trend bridal jewelry selections gleaming with lab-grown diamond brilliance.

Discover the latest lab-grown diamond jewelry trends in the Modern Brilliance® x 302® Fine Jewelry collection.

Best-Selling Styles

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Discover the benefits and offerings of Stuller’s lab-grown diamonds.

Stuller Diamond Screening Process

Understand the security processes that set Stuller apart from the rest.

8/17/2022 Market Prices:
Gold 1767.20 Platinum 935.00 Silver 19.91