Lease to Own

Get the Tools You Need Without Extending Your Line of Bank Credit

Interested in purchasing a laser or another major tool and don’t want to wait? Need to upgrade your shop now without stretching your bank line?

Stuller has teamed with Fernwood Capital™ & Leasing to help you conserve capital and preserve credit lines by leasing to own the equipment you need.

Why Lease to Own through Stuller?

  • You can afford to get the best Stuller tools now even if cash is tight
  • An easy application process results in a quick credit decision
  • Trade-up and add-on provisions help you avoid obsolescence
  • Minimal down payments required to start the lease

To see your potential payment schedules,
use Fernwood’s convenient leasing calculator.

How it Works

Apply by filling out the form below. When your application is approved and your lease is signed, you make your first and last month’s payments, as well a small administration fee, and the item will be shipped to your door. When you make your final payment, the item is yours.

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Market prices as of 4/28/2017
Gold 1266.45 Platinum 948.00 Silver 17.41