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Episode 1


In 1970, Matt Stuller founded Stuller Inc. from modest beginnings and an unmovable focus on the customer. Today, Stuller is leading the industry as the largest manufacturer and distributor of jewelry and jewelry-related tools, supplies and equipment in the United States.

With over 1,200 employees worldwide—from artisans to engineers, bench jewelers to technologists—Stuller is more committed than ever to delivering an unparalleled customer experience with every order. It is a constant process of improving, listening to customers, and working with the best people to deliver on our promise of quality, service and satisfaction.

Take a look into Stuller’s home in Lafayette, Louisiana, and find out why you’re in good company with this inaugural episode of our original video series focusing on the people, products and promise facing our industry.

Adam Voss
Adam Voss

Adam Voss is a marketing consultant, professional emcee, and host of Chicago-based web series, www.12for12.com. Past hosting credits include: Air Guitar USA, Chicago Blues & Bluegrass Fest, SXSW and The Secret Society Variety Show—as well as countless corporate and private parties. When he’s not hunting for cool brands, Adam resides in Palm Springs, California, with his wife and two children.

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Episode 2

Stuller's presence at North America's largest jewelry show

With over two million square feet of exhibit space, and more than 33,000 attendees, JCK Las Vegas is the jewelry industry’s premier event in North America. Offering retailers an unparalleled shopping experience with everything from tools to technology, diamonds to finished jewelry, it’s not just a dynamic place to shop—it’s an exciting place to see Stuller’s commitment to customers in action…and in Vegas!

In this second episode of in good company we head to the 2016 JCK show in Las Vegas to look at the ever-growing role Stuller is playing, every day, to help jewelers around the world better serve their customers with the best people, products, and service in the industry.

Episode 3

From coast to coast, and around the world, Stuller strives to make you the hero

With a complete range of products and services for jewelry professionals, including design technology and comprehensive CAD/CAM Services, we know heroic service is all about forging relationships, meeting commitments, and delivering excellence every day. That is our goal, and we aim to meet each jeweler’s—and their customers’—need for customization across all our product offerings.

In this third episode of in good company we head to Sydel & Sydel in Chicago, IL, and David Douglas Diamonds in Atlanta, GA, to take a look at some of our heroes to see how Stuller is helping them serve their customers from behind the bench to the sales floor.

Episode 4

Bridge the gap to success with Stuller’s
Bridge Event

Adapting to change is essential to achieving success in any industry, but it’s absolutely critical in today’s highly competitive jewelry industry. With the deepest expertise and the widest range of products, services, and technologies, Stuller is helping jewelers bridge the gap to success with their annual Bridge events.

Bridge is a dynamic, three-day conference (held multiple times a year) that offers business insights, networking opportunities, and unparalleled peer-to-peer learning.

In this fourth episode of in good company, Adam returns to Stuller’s headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, to participate in the August 2018 Bridge Conference, and once again, see why you’re in good company with Stuller, Inc.

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