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Diamonds and Gemstones Catalog

A reimagined edition of our traditional loose stone catalog, Diamonds and Gemstones 2020-2021 features extensive stone choices ranging from beloved classics to a variety of new, colorful options.

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Diamonds and Gemstones Catalog

Browsing through the 130 pages, you’ll discover a number of organizational and visual enhancements designed to engage your customers and help you close sales. From introducing our newest additions Notable Gemstones™ and Stuller Diamonds® with grading reports to highlighting our stone service offerings and providing essential charts and references, this catalog combines eye-catching aesthetics with sustainable shopping options.

Some highlights include
  • A sourcing map depicting some of our worldwide sourcing locations
  • A gemstone color wheel showcasing an assortment of complementary color possibilities
  • Captivating photography of our collections – Stuller Diamonds® with grading reports, Specialty Diamonds, and Notable Gemstones™
  • A reference poster showing diamond and gemstone sizes and availability

And we’re always evolving our offerings, so check Stuller.com frequently for new and trending stone types, cuts, and shapes.

5/25/2022 Market Prices:
Gold 1847.20 Platinum 954.00 Silver 21.83