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Mix, match, and make peg head and shank rings with this free design solution

Exciting for consumers

This modern design experience on Stuller.com brings ring possibilities to life with dynamic visual previews.

  • Change and preview finger size, metal quality, center size, and more
  • Explore different looks, experience a virtual try-on, and share designs
  • Discover trending styles, updated regularly, as well as best-sellers
Peg head of ring Shank of ring

Easy for jewelry professionals

Fast delivery and easy assembly

Rings are made using peg setting and shank components regularly in-stock and ready to ship. Assemble yourself or have Stuller do the work for you.

Set your own prices

As you make design changes in Digital Goldsmith, pricing will update in real-time based on markups that you set.

Convenient diamond options

Accented shanks can be ordered set or unset. Center diamonds use popular ct. weights so you can set from your own inventory or order from Stuller.

Enhance the experience

All styles match seamlessly with the Piece by Piece™ Prototype
to elevate consumer engagement and confidence in your store.

  • Let consumers try on different style combinations from classic to contemporary
  • Heads and shanks magnetically snap together for a realistic preview
  • Durable prototypes made from high-quality alloy

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Our team of customization experts is ready to help

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8/19/2022 Market Prices:
Gold 1750.75 Platinum 909.00 Silver 19.23