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Diamond and Gemstone Catalog

We are thrilled to present you with Diamonds & Gemstones 2023-2024, a redesigned edition of our loose stone catalog. Browse through our comprehensive assortment of gorgeous diamonds and gemstones to see our incredible selection available in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

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Diamonds and Gemstones Catalog

In Diamonds & Gemstones 2023-2024, you’ll discover a number of organizational and visual enhancements designed to engage your customers and help you close sales. From highlighting our stone service offerings to providing essential charts and references, this catalog combines eye-catching aesthetics with a wide array of gorgeous options.

Highlights include
  • New shapes, cuts, and sizes in diamonds and gemstones which are indicated with a NEW badge
  • A two-page spread featuring our diamond screening and testing, Stuller Gemological Lab™, and Melee Analysis by GIA®
  • A complete lab-grown diamond section featuring nearly 600 options
  • The Gemstone Color Wheel, a popular color index for choosing stones by color
  • A colorless stone comparison chart for diamonds, moissanite, and more
  • Stuller’s helpful services grouped together so you know your options at a glance
  • Quick access to education, shopping pages, and videos

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6/5/2023 Market Prices:
Gold 1959.65 Platinum 1028.00 Silver 23.48