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Color is at the heart of visual merchandising. With more than 120 hues to choose from, the Case by Case display case customization program is designed to help your brand and your products be unique from your competition.

In the updated version of the program, we’ve gone beyond display elements, offering new and powerful ways to bring your brand into your showcase. It's easy to choose your displays, get an estimated cost, submit your quote, and let a representative contact you to complete your order.

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Case by Case® Imprinting Options

Choose from three types to reinforce your store's visual identity.  

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Fabric Choices
Choose from more than 122 different fabrics. Fabrics are available in three different price categories (Classic, Designer, and Luxury) and in a range of color and texture combinations.

$ - Classic

$$ - Designer

$$$ - Luxury

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Case Starter Sets
A huge array of pre-configured starter sets based on your needs. Includes many different sizes across a range of price points, with special kits for bridal and watch display.
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Individual Elements
Design and arrange your individual displays by choosing from more than 70 different elements, including ring trays, earring ramps, bracelet domes, neck forms, and more.
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Market prices as of 7/17/2018
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