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Assorted cut diamonds

CanadaMark® Diamonds

CanadaMark® Diamonds

Quality meets responsibility

  • Comply with the Kimberley Process
  • Sourced from Canada’s Northwest Territories
  • Exceptional color, clarity, and luster with low levels of fluorescence
  • Available in every size your jewelry demands
  • Natural and untreated

Documented from origin to polished stones

CanadaMark® diamonds come from the Ekati mine in a remote region near the Arctic Circle and are tracked through audited processes from origin to polished stones. The mine follows strict environmental regulations. Since the discovery of diamonds in this area in the 1990s, the mine has a history of protecting the integrity of the land, water, and wildlife.

Canadian forest

Melee Sizes

CanadaMark logo

CanadaMark® Melee

Stuller is proud to be the first to bring CanadaMark® melee diamonds to the U.S. market.
Available in SI2-SI3, G-H qualities in sizes 0.005 carat to 0.25 carat (1mm - 4mm)

Hearts and arrows logo

CanadaMark® Melee: Hearts & Arrows

Features the Hearts & Arrows cut for the highest level of brilliance in your designs.
Hearts and Arrows are available in 0.025 carat to 0.25 carat (1.8mm - 4mm)

Large Sizes

CanadaMark certificate and diamonds

CanadaMark® Diamonds with Grading Report Include an Authentication Card Documenting

Mine of origin   +   Unique CanadaMark® number   +   Diamond weight

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Natural Diamonds

Every diamond with grading report includes

ID Number Security
Laser-inscribed number offers the ultimate safeguard.
Easy Reviews and Returns
Qualified accounts enjoy 5-day reviews and prepaid returns.
Loss Protection for One Year
Give consumers even more confidence to buy from you.
Personalized Inscription
Engrave a personal message for as little as $25.00. Call 800-877-7777, and press 5, for details.
Lifetime Trade Up
Offer full value credit to your customers when they trade up a mined diamond for another mined diamond.
Buy with Confidence
All diamonds are hand selected and individually graded.

Earn Rebate Rewards as You Shop

Qualified accounts can earn rebate rewards every year by purchasing large natural diamonds with reports. Each purchase gets you closer to a higher tier of rewards that you can receive yearly through ACH deposit or account credit.
7/22/2024 Market Prices:
Gold 2392.70 Platinum 952.00 Silver 29.07