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Four New Exciting Trends for 2019

A new year brings new styles, and 2019 bodes well for fashion. We’ve identified four dazzling, delightful trends that even the most stylish customer will desire. Keep an eye on these looks as the year progresses, and stay ahead of the fashion curve by incorporating them into your store today.

Effortless Elegance

The classic/modern blend of this trend captures the essence of Victorian grandeur while maintaining a touch of modern grace.

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Graphic Glamour

The fusion of delicate lines and geometrics make this Art Deco-inspired trend a powerful style statement.

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Lovers Award

This trend transforms traditional styles with unique love-inspired, avant-garde strokes that create symbolic and original designs.

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Visible Fantasy

This whimsical, luxurious trend shines new light on classic bridal and wedding jewelry that emphasizes merging of two individuals into a world of their own creation.

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