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Only the best gemstones in the world are good enough to be selected

These non-calibrated gemstones are individually sourced for beauty and rarity.
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Natural Gemstones

Every serialized gemstone includes these benefits

ID Number Security
Gemstones are laser inscribed with the grading report number.
Easy Reviews and Returns
Qualified accounts enjoy 5-day reviews and pre-paid returns.
One Year Loss Prevention
Give customers greater confidence to buy from you.
Personalized Inscription
Engrave a personal message for as little as $25.00.
Buy with Confidence
Each gemstone is hand selected and individually graded.

Earn rebate rewards every year

Qualified accounts are eligible.
Rebate offer not valid with any other offer.
10 Gemstones = 5% Rebate
15 Gemstones = 6% Rebate
20 Gemstones = 7% Rebate
25 Gemstones = 8% Rebate
30 Gemstones = 9% Rebate
40 Gemstones = 10% Rebate

A world of inspiration

Stuller maintains an office in Bangkok, Thailand, a major hub for the global gemstone market. Working with our trusted global suppliers, we examine many thousands of gemstones to hand-select only the best. The beauty of these exceptional gemstones will take your breath away and inspire your creativity.

Free loss protection through GemShield®

All graded diamonds and gemstones come with 1-year complimentary insurance through GemShield®. Once coverage is activated, the consumer is protected against loss, theft, or damage. Here's how it works:


The diamond or gemstone will arrive with an activation form for you and your customer to fill out and fax to GemShield® at fax number (513) 672-0859 or scan and email to info@gemshield.com. Coverage is immediate upon receipt of the form at GemShield.


If loss occurs within the free first year, your customer will return to you for replacement. Stuller replaces the diamond or gemstone through you at no cost to you or your customer.


When the free year is up, GemShield® contacts your customer and offers a personal jewelry insurance policy. They direct them to your store to assist them with the application, verify the value, and have the jewelry inspected, giving you a great opportunity to build a strong ongoing relationship with your customer.


Stuller customers also have the option to become an official GemShield® Retailer offering full insurance coverage for complete jewelry pieces. Stuller customers receive free enrollment by calling GemShield® at 800-932-3062.

Market prices as of 12/14/2018
Gold 1235.35 Platinum 783.00 Silver 14.58