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Discover the top new bench jeweler tools, supplies, and equipment we’re featuring at the world’s largest jewelry exhibition.  

JCK Las Vegas is one of the biggest jewelry industry events of the year, and Stuller has upped its game along with the event. Held at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 2-5, 2023, JCK is considered by many to be the most important jewelry exhibition in the world, providing the optimal stage for business growth by uniting the industry to buy, sell, network, learn, and discover.  

Stop by Stuller’s JCK Booth #13089 to discover the latest and greatest in jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, packaging, display, tools, metals, technology, and much more. Visit B&D Sales and Service, a Stuller Company, at ETS Booth #54057 for the most innovative solutions in tools, equipment, and servicing.  

For bench jewelers, this is great news! As the leading supplier of jewelry tools, supplies, and equipment, we present an array of great new products that can revolutionize the way you work. This year, we’re unveiling a long list of innovative products designed to make every aspect of a bench jeweler’s job easier and faster. 

While we can’t include every new item we’re bringing to JCK in this article (trust me, it’s a lot!), we can show you a few standouts in our latest lineup. Not attending the show? We’ve got your back. Check out these great products and more 24/7 on  


The Stuller Bur™ Collection

We’re now offering a fantastic assortment of Stuller exclusive high-speed burs consisting of several new shapes and sizes. Crafted with the stone setting process in mind, our new Stuller-designed bur collection makes it easy to cut precise angles for your jewelry pieces. Manufactured exclusively by Dedeco® for Stuller, you will achieve the most accurate cut every time with these burs. Our new collection includes the Stuller Bur™ 90° Hart Bur, the Round Bur, the Bud Bur, the Cylinder Bur, and the Cup Bur. To learn more about the Stuller Bur™ Collection, click here.  

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Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal Screener

The Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal Screener, a Stuller exclusive, is the fastest CVD/HPHT scanner in the market. In a few seconds, you get clear, accurate results utilizing the very latest in technology. It is a lightweight scanner that’s easy to use. You can scan loose stones, watches, jewelry, and other luxury items. This screener is designed to detect synthetic diamonds grown by HPHT or CVD, and diamond simulants like cubic zirconia and Moissanite. To learn more about the Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal Screener, click here

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ASIGA® 3D Printers and Open Grow® SureCast™ Resin

 Take your CAD/CAM production to the next level with Asiga® 3D printers, renowned for their innovation, precision, and model surface finish for casting and more. The Asiga® MAX X 35 3D Printer is perfect for rapid production of casting patterns, rubber mold masters, and visualization models. This printer is Asiga’s highest resolution jewelry production system that can be adapted to both extreme resolution and high productivity applications. Printing up to about 18 rings per hour, it delivers performance, reliability, and flexibility for bench jewelers.  

The Asiga® Pro 4K 3D Printer is the ultimate printer in volume production. The PRO 4K utilizes the latest imaging technology to achieve the largest print envelope in our range, with precision, reliability and speed for the most demanding production applications. Printing approximately 178 rings at max print capacity allows bench jewelers to succeed in a high-volume business environment.  

Open Grow® SureCast™ Resinis a game-changing wax-based photopolymer resin that features superior castability, less handling, and easily readable color for better efficiency. It achieves consistent, high-quality results with exceptionally fine detail and smooth surfaces for minimal finishing. There is no post-curing or barrier coating required. It is compatible with most available platforms, producing excellent results each time. Get SureCast™ resin exclusively from Stuller. 

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Platinum Ring Blanks

Discover our premium die-struck platinum ring blanks and bring your customized wedding band designs to life. We’ve expanded our assortment because more and more couples are leaning towards custom solutions for their wedding bands. Platinum is super durable, shines without dulling over time, is hypoallergenic, and exudes an heirloom feel. To learn more about our SCS-certified 100% recycled platinum ring blanks, click here.  

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Piece by Piece® Designer Expansion

Piece by Piece® is an interactive settings and shanks ring builder designed exclusively by Stuller. You can create an interactive magnetic design experience for your customers using our magnetic shanks and settings — all conveniently packaged in a small profile prototype selling system for your business. The newest addition to enhance the core selling system is our Designer Expansion. You can expand the design experience for your customers with 12 on-trend new shank styles, hidden halo settings, and large solitaire settings from 3 ½ - 6 carats. To learn more, visit  

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Stuller’s Tools Tech Team

Our Tools Tech Team is a group of passionate support specialists dedicated to being a resource for every bench jeweler — providing expertise on the latest jewelry tools and equipment. From product education to shop tool maintenance to customer support, the Tools Tech Team is ready to bring you innovative solutions along with lasting relationships. Whether you’re looking for a new tool or piece of equipment for your bench, need help with maintenance, or need assistance troubleshooting a problem, the Tools Tech Team is here to help you. To learn more visit

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B&D Sales and Service

This year, our B&D Sales and Service booth space at JCK has doubled in size, so we’re able to bring double the equipment! B&D, a Stuller company, is the leading supplier of laser technology, and our team is excited to debut these heavy hitters at the show. 

Harnessing the power of advanced fiber optics, the Coherent Rofin Performance Fiber Laser represents a breakthrough in laser engineering, delivering unprecedented performance, versatility, and reliability. With this cutting-edge technology, Coherent continues to push the boundaries of what lasers can achieve. Moreover, the Fiber Laser is designed with sustainability in mind. Coherent's commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in the laser's energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements.  

The Orotig RR Pico Engraver allows you to engrave without changing the material structure. The result is an accurate and clean engrave without edge and burned material. The high-precision scan head and the custom focal lens allows you to focus the laser beam and obtain a spot diameter of 0.01mm. The very short duration of the laser pulse avoids metal overheating and permits you to work near resins and other heat-sensitive materials. A sanding specialist isn’t required which saves time and money. To learn more about B&D Sales and Service, click here.  

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We’re hoping to see you at JCK Las Vegas this weekend! Stop by Stuller’s JCK Booth #13089 and B&D Sales and Service, a Stuller Company, at ETS Booth #54057.  

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