Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal Screener  

Dive into one of Stuller’s newest additions to our assortment of innovative diamond testing and screening solutions — backed by in-house experts.

Whether your business is fully immersed in the world of diamond testing and screening or you’re looking for a way to boost your current process, finding the right tool can be the most difficult step. With this in mind, our in-house experts are always observing and implementing trustworthy equipment that ensures your reputation is protected with every diamond purchase and sale.

In today’s article, we cover the top-performing attributes of one of the newest additions to our assortment of diamond testing and screening equipment, the Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal screener. Read on to see if this Stuller exclusive is right for your business, along with a few important details on how diamond testing and screening can be one of your most significant investments.

Understanding the Importance of Testing and Screening 

Diamond testing and screening are crucial in maintaining transparency and integrity within the jewelry industry and especially within your business. By incorporating diligent testing and screening procedures, jewelry businesses can ensure that they are accurately disclosing the quality and authenticity of their diamonds to their customers, ultimately building trust and maintaining a good reputation for years and even generations to come.

Diamond Testing vs. Screening

Testing: The separation of diamonds from simulants, such as Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia using thermal and/or electrical conductivity.

Screening: The separation of natural from lab-grown diamonds using detection and identification through high-definition features. 

As early adopters and promoters of lab-grown diamonds within the jewelry space, Stuller’s dedication to thorough testing and screening procedures along with a zero-tolerance policy has kept us consistent in researching past, present, and future impacts on manufacturing processes.

With this understanding, we work closely with our partnered vendors to provide you with innovative solutions that are designed with independent jewelers and jewelry businesses in mind, ensuring that we offer long-term success when you invest in trusted equipment.

The Latest Solution 

DiaTrue Crystal Screener

Equipped with the latest technology in diamond screening, the DiaTrue Crystal screener combines speed and accuracy unlike any past models in the market, making it the perfect investment for any business or shop looking to properly test and screen all diamonds and diamond jewelry items in-store.

Using automatic detection, the DiaTrue Crystal provides screening results in seconds, giving your business the upper hand for in-store diamond verification on set jewelry and loose diamonds. Lightweight and easy to use, this model is designed to detect synthetic diamonds grown using High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) methods, giving jewelers and jewelry businesses the opportunity to spot diamond simulants — and, with a larger scan area, melee diamonds can be scanned as small as 0.02 millimeters, and up to much larger carat sizes if needed.

For customers that are curious about how this latest model compares to previous DiaTrue screeners, the DiaTrue Crystal provides a larger chamber and larger sorting trays, allowing you to screen more diamonds or pieces of jewelry in one sitting — and, with added 360-degree holders, you can now screen watches, bracelets, earrings, and more. This model also offers better screen resolution and quality, making it easier to capture and zoom in on specific pieces.

Additional Highlights of the Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal 

  • Automatic detection 
  • High-definition camera and screen layout 
  • Generates a certificate for printing and offers wireless access
  • Optional result sharing to social media 

Extend Confidence 

At Stuller, we are always researching and acquiring equipment and technology that not only benefits our in-house processes but gives our customers the confidence to succeed no matter the request. Our dedication to strict industry standards regarding diamond testing and screening motivates us to keep every business in mind when offering options within our assortment of tools and supplies.

As a leading force in the jewelry manufacturing industry, we maintain a consistent dedication to being fully transparent and diligent with our processes every step of the way. Our team is excited to report that the newly added Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal screener is one of our top-performing additions to our in-house processes, and as a Stuller exclusive, you can now enjoy access to this reliable equipment on Stuller.com. 

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