The Stuller Bur  

Elevate your stone setting process with new shapes and sizes of The Stuller Bur™, a one-of-a-kind tool crafted with jewelers in mind. 

In today’s industry, it’s no doubt that time is becoming more and more precious — with every service offered and each piece created, jewelers and businesses are looking for innovative, high-quality tools that save time without sacrificing precision and value. With this effort in mind, our experts at Stuller are always researching and developing ways to bring you the right tools for any job with productivity and performance at the forefront. Why not start with the basics?  

Following the release of our very own Stuller Bur™, we asked for your valuable feedback on our approach to one of the most essential tools in a jeweler’s kit. After receiving that feedback, we are now proud to announce new shapes and size ranges for an even larger offering.  

Read on as we explore more about our crafted design that gives every jeweler the tools needed for advanced precision during stone setting.  

How It Started: Design and Development 

As one of the most important and versatile tools in a jeweler’s kit, a bur is crucial to the stone setting process for cutting a secure seat. It can also be used for reshaping, refining, drilling, and more.  

At Stuller, we often look to our own manufacturing processes as the basis for new ideas and innovative concepts in the industry. By seeking to improve our own stone setting process, we found that jewelers were in need of a bur that could offer the right cut with a nearly perfect angle and with unmatched consistency — something we weren’t seeing in our current market. Because of this, we designed our own bur in hopes that we could offer jewelers the answer. 

The Stuller Bur

Developed by Stuller Labs and manufactured by Dedeco, exclusively for Stuller, our release of The Stuller Bur™ took years of dedication, trial and error, and over 100 years of combined expert and industry insight. Longer lasting and machined for precision and performance, the Stuller Bur™ is unlike any other bur in the jewelry industry and gives every jeweler access to a tool that takes their business to the next level, starting at the bench.  

Why Choose The Stuller Bur™?  


Proportioned measurements that allow for the perfect angle, every time, mirroring the ideal cut of a diamond for the most accurate seat without harming the integrity of your piece or prongs 


Added teeth for a smoother cut, saving time with each motion 


Crafted using a CNC-manufactured method that creates an even fluting, providing a precise shape, cut, and set of teeth that will give you a smoother, sharper cut while extending the life of your tool 

What’s New? 

With guaranteed precision and accessibility in mind, we are proud to announce new shapes and sizes to our growing Stuller Bur™ collection in order to give jewelers the opportunity to find the bur that best fits their needs.  

Browse through our newest additions to build a kit that works for you. Enjoy each essential shape in size ranges that start as small as 0.25 millimeters and expand up to 5.0 millimeters, keeping you prepared for any piece.

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Secure Your Seat 

Interested in getting up close and personal with advanced, innovative tools like our Stuller Bur™? When you invest in your skills and business by attending our in-house training courses, you get exclusive access to some of our newest products before they hit  

With courses available in beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels, you’ll get hands-on training alongside our in-house experts to give you the best tips and tricks in the industry for quality and precise stone setting. Start your journey today, check out upcoming dates, and sign up for classes that will give you the foundation to elevate your skills.  

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Our Dedication to You 

As leaders in the industry, we know the importance of every step in crafting cherished pieces of jewelry. When you rely on Stuller, you can be sure that we keep you, the independent jeweler, top-of-mind in all we do, providing you with the same trusted quality you’ve known for more than 50 years.  

We hope you enjoy our newest additions to The Stuller Bur™ collection, and if you’ve had a chance to try our new shapes and sizes, please share your feedback!