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Any experienced bench jeweler out there knows that a bur is one of the most integral tools of the trade and is something you likely work with every day. For any young or aspiring jeweler out there, a bur is a tool used in stone setting to cut a seat for the stone. It’s important for the seat to be precisely cut so that the stone is secure in the setting. Having a high-quality bur that gives you consistency and precision is a game-changer in the jewelry business. 

At Stuller, we often take a look at our own processes to find ways of making them better. While searching for a bur to help us get that perfect angle in our stone setting process, we decided to create our own. In creating this tool for ourselves, we decided to make sure every bench jeweler had access to a bur specifically designed to make a jeweler’s job easier. 

The Stuller Bur™ is a one-of-a-kind tool developed by Stuller Labs and manufactured by Dedeco, exclusively for Stuller. This bur comes in a range of sizes for all needs and is a tool we use every day in our manufacturing facility. 

Let’s look at three features that set The Stuller Bur apart from every other bur you see on the market. 


Fact #1: The Stuller Bur cuts the perfect 90-degree angle.

An ideal cut diamond or gemstone is proportioned to create a 90-degree angle between the crown, girdle, and pavilion. It’s crucial that the seat of the prongs in the setting allows the stone to sit without any gaps. Gaps allow the stone to move insecurely and can accumulate oils that can damage the stone. 

The Stuller Bur was expertly designed to be able to create that perfect 90-degree angle. Seamlessly cut a seat for your diamonds and gemstones with consistent accuracy. This is the only bur we have seen on the market with this type of accuracy at the moment. 


Fact #2: The Stuller Bur has more teeth than the average bur.

Why does this matter? Think of the teeth of a saw. Saws with more teeth tend to cut through wood more smoothly. There’s less of a chance for the saw to catch on the wood and create jagged edges. 

That’s the same idea behind The Stuller Bur. With more teeth, you can ensure a smooth and clean cut with ease. 


Fact #3: The Stuller Bur is CNC-manufactured for precision.

Burs that are mass produced with traditional manufacturing methods could potentially result in inconsistent teeth sizes and angles. This could have a negative long-term effect on the stone setting process. 

The Stuller Bur is CNC-manufactured, or machined, for consistency in quality as well as precision when it comes to the angles and shape of the teeth. 

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The Right Tool for the Job 

When creating a piece that is going to be cherished by your customer for years to come, you must make sure you have what you need to produce the best possible product. The Stuller Bur is truly the right tool for the job when it comes to stone setting. 

Shop the individual size you need ranging from 0.5 millimeters to 5.0 millimeters or purchase a set of popular sizes in pre-merchandised selections of 24, 27, or 46. 

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