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Adjustable Ring Shanks

Adjustable Rings Shanks and Ring Guards
CLIQ Solitaire Shank


When your customers start their ring search, let them know why custom fit shanks are a great option. Adjustable shanks:

  • Comfortably slide over the knuckle and sit perfectly in place.
  • Expand and contract no matter how the wearer’s finger changes.
  • Fit snugly so the ring won’t spin, twist, or slip off and get damaged.
  • Offer high customer satisfaction since they won’t need to resize their ring.
  • Provide an option for previously unwearable rings to be worn again.

Our Selection

Stuller’s assortment of adjustable fit shanks uses a range of methods to achieve one goal: easy-to-use, comfortable rings. We offer these four brands:

CLIQ Adjustable Shanks


CLIQ rings open and close around the base of the finger and provide a snug fit that’s tailored to the wearer. When the ring is securely closed, customers will hear a click of confidence.

Formerly known as SuperFit®
Adjustable Shanks.

Finger Fit Adjustable Shanks

Finger Fit®

This hinged shank opens up to three finger sizes larger (e.g. when sized to a 7, it will open to pass over a size 10 knuckle). Once installed, rings can securely and comfortably lock in place.

ForeverFit Adjustable Shanks


ForeverFit shanks let you adjust down 3½ sizes and easily slide on and off the wearer’s finger. ForeverFit is easy to install and is durable enough to last a lifetime.

Adjusto-Shank Adjustable Shanks


The Adjusto-Shank expands or contracts with a squeeze and can be adjusted to many sizes, letting the wearer put it on any size finger they desire.

Ring Guards

Ring Guards

Looking for a more economical option? Try a ring guard. Ring guards require no installation and, just like adjustable shanks, ensure your customer’s ring will stay in place.

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5/17/2024 Market Prices:
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