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Chatham Created Gemstones

Chatham is the leading producer of top quality lab-created gemstones. Chatham gemstones are optically, chemically, and physically identical to their mined counterparts.

As the largest distributor of colored gemstones in the U.S., Stuller applies stringent protocols when handling genuine and lab-grown gemstones.

Significant Benefits of Chatham Created Gemstones

  • As part of the growth process, colors are permanent and never treated.
  • Chatham Created Gemstones are the only gemstones covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Chatham gemstones are a fraction of the price of their mined counterpart.
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From Crystal to Gem

Each crystal selected for jewelry collections is a 1 in 100 selection for color and clarity. Deciding which shape gemstone to cut from these crystals is determined by studying the shape and inclusions of the crystal itself.

Strict standards for proportions, faceting, and polishing ensure that each gemstone has maximum brilliance, vivid color, and high clarity. During the process, 80% of the rough crystal is lost, completing the crystal to Chatham gemstone transformation.

A Lifetime Warranty

Each Chatham created gemstone comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing buyer satisfaction. Here is Chatham’s statement of the warranty— Chatham created gemstones are held to the highest standards before leaving the lab. However, should your stone ever chip or break under ordinary circumstances, or in the case of opal, crack or craze, Chatham will gladly repair or replace the item at our option. Normal wear and tear is excluded.

8/16/2019 Market Prices:
Gold 1515.25 Platinum 836.00 Silver 17.16