Laser Equipment Servicing

From laser welder filter replacements to laser engraver repairs, our specialists are here to provide you with expertise, troubleshoot technical difficulties, and maximize the profitability of your business.

  • Learn and train with our technology experts.
  • Make one call when you need professional help solving a problem.
  • Experience skilled service wherever you are.
  • Make your success our priority.

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Service Rates

Service pricing is billed hourly at the following rates:

  • $185/hour for in-person service
  • $100/hour for phone or virtual assistance
  • These prices do not include parts or travel when applicable. Daily rates with additional considerations are available by request.

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    Contact the B&D Sales and Service tech line for all technical support or email to assist you in diagnosing or adjusting your laser equipment.

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    Servicing, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

    Support services are available in-person, over the phone, and even virtually through video chat platforms. All Coherent®-Rofin, Orotig, BN Laser®, Best Built, and SIRO Lasertec equipment can be back up and running in no time with replacement parts and rapid delivery. Our technicians are qualified with extensive laser expertise, allowing us to assist with the technical support of your equipment. Our services include

    B&D laser welders

    Diagnostic Evaluations

    Any error messages or operational malfunctions can be evaluated by our technicians and will allow us to provide relevant solutions to fix the issue.

    Preventative Maintenance

    Routine maintenance will not only prevent malfunctions but also keep your machine running smoothly.

    Filter Replacement

    Filter replacement will ensure the safe operation of internal components and optimize the functionality of your machine for years to come.

    Machine Cleaning

    The machine’s interior and exterior will be cleaned adequately by technicians, extending the lifespan of your equipment and keeping it at its optimal capacity.

    Mirror Alignment

    Technicians will verify that the mirrors on the laser equipment are properly aligned to produce the most precise and powerful laser shot possible.

    Brands We Support

    Siro Lasertec
    Best Built
    BN Laser

    Reference Materials

    4/23/2024 Market Prices:
    Gold 2328.45 Platinum 911.00 Silver 26.92