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Ultimate Cut Grade: Extraordinarily Brilliant and Beautiful

  • Lab-grown diamonds achieve excellent grades in all eight aspects of cut quality
  • An interactive GCAL Grading Certificate that includes videos and more. See example here.

Ultimate Diamond Cut Grade

8X® Lab-Grown Diamonds are awarded the highest achievement in precision diamond cutting. Recognized for their extraordinary brilliance and beauty, these lab-grown diamonds are meticulously analyzed and ultimately certified to be physically and optically excellent in eight critical factors of cut quality. Available shapes include round, oval, square, and marquise. Coming soon: pear.

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Cut Grade

  1. Polish Excellent
  2. External Symmetry Excellent
  3. Proportions Excellent
  4. Optical Brilliance Excellent
  5. Fire Excellent
  6. Scintillation Excellent
  7. Optical Symmetry Excellent
  8. Hearts & Arrows Excellent

Physical Excellence

The first three 8X grading factors analyze the exactness of the physical surface, the facet shapes, and the angles.

Riente Diamonds facets

#1 Polish

Skill and time are required to produce a well-polished, lab-grown diamond. GCAL gemologists examine every facet to ensure it is free of polish marks, burns, and scratches.

Riente Diamonds facets

#2 External Symmetry

Master cutters identically shape each facet around the lab-grown diamond and ensure they are perfectly aligned.

#3 Proportions

Optical scanning technology measures each facet and angle to produce an accurate, to-scale diagram of every lab-grown diamond.

Light Performance Excellence

The next three 8X grading factors analyze the light handling ability of your lab-grown diamond. The combination of these factors is the essence of what makes any diamond visibly shine, dance, and sparkle from across a room.

Riente Diamonds facets

#4 Optical Brilliance

Optical brilliance is the overall return of white light to the viewer. It is measured to the thousandth decimal place and is represented in this image. The white areas indicate light return/brilliance, and the dark blue areas indicate light loss.

Riente Diamonds facets

#5 Fire

Fire results when white light travels through a diamond and is dispersed into its rainbow of spectral colors. These flashes of color contribute to sparkle and are best viewed as the lab-grown diamond moves.

#6 Scintillation

Scintillation refers to the dynamic flashes of light that occur when the lab-grown diamond or the observer moves, creating a sparkling effect. It encompasses both the intense bright spots of light and the contrasting dark areas.

Optical Excellence

The last two 8X grading factors scrutinize the craftsmanship and the precise alignment of the crown and pavilion facets in harmony to achieve aesthetic perfection.

Riente Diamonds facets

#7 Optical Symmetry

Optical symmetry is visualized in this photograph of your lab-grown diamond taken in a specific-colored lighting environment. The evenness of the pattern illustrates the precision and uniformity of facet shapes and alignment.

Riente Diamonds facets Riente Diamonds facets

#8 Hearts & Arrows

Precision faceting is visualized as Hearts & Arrows when round, brilliant-cut, lab-grown diamonds are viewed in specific lighting conditions. Each pattern is the result of superior facet placement and exact alignment. For Round Stones Only

For round stones only

Table %

54.0% to 58.0%

Depth %

59.8% to 62.2%

Crown Angle

34.0º to 35.0°

Pavilion Angle

40.6° to 41.0°

Star Length %

45% to 55%

Culet Size

None to Very Small

Girdle Thickness

Thin to Slightly Thick, Faceted

Lower Girdle Facet %

75% to 80%

Lab-Grown Diamond

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7/12/2024 Market Prices:
Gold 2406.85 Platinum 999.00 Silver 30.72