Crisscut® Diamonds

The new Crisscut emerald-cut diamond has 77 facets to optimize brilliance and fire. This creates a "face up" appearance two grades higher than the stone's actual color grade. While standard 46-facet emerald-cut stones have gray areas that dull brilliance, Crisscut's extra facets can mask imperfections. You'll enjoy a stone that appears whiter and cleaner while only paying for its actual color and clarity. Stuller is proud to be the sole U.S. distributor of these patented, cutting-edge loose stones.

Crisscut® Diamonds
Vector Example of 46 Facet Emerald Cut - Front

Generic Emerald
46 Facets

Crisscut® Diamonds
Vector Example of 77 Facet Emerald Crisscut Cut - Front

Crisscut® Emerald
77 Facets

11/27/2023 Market Prices:
Gold 2013.70 Platinum 929.00 Silver 24.76