Stuller Bench and Other Services


Whether you're looking to save time at the bench during a busy season; repair your laser or other large equipment; get quick cash for a must-have purchase; or make a lasting impression with your store's branded packaging, Stuller offers a wide range of solutions and services to meet your needs and more. From merchandising solutions to customized services, let us help you get the job done.


B&D Laser Services

Services and Solutions B&D

When you purchase a Coherent®-Rofin or Orotig laser welder from Stuller, you'll also receive outstanding support and services from B&D Sales. These include: machine cleaning, alignment, filter replacement, preventative maintenance, and diagnostic evaluations. Visit for first-rate support and service.


Case by Case® Custom Jewelry Displays

Services and Solutions Case by Case

Appealing visual merchandising creates a stunning first impression, inspires repeat shopping, and is one of the best sales tools a jeweler has. Our custom displays allow you to refresh, revamp, redo and relaunch with confidence. Visit to learn more or contact a Packaging and Displays Specialist at 800-877-7777 x 4990.


Clean Scrap Program

Services and Solutions Clean Scrap Program

Need quick cash? Send us your clean gold, silver, platinum, and palladium scrap, benchfilings, or grindings and receive a market value settlement. Options include check, electronic payment, or Stuller account credit. Visit or contact our Metals Team at x 3616.


Custom Imprinting Services

Services and Solutions Custom Imprinting

Leave a lasting impression on your customers. From totes and tissue paper to boxes and bags, Stuller offers a broad selection of customizable packaging and display items. Choose from either Hot Stamping or Digital Imprinting for many products. See how each option is done. Items available for Custom Imprinting include: Packaging, Polishing Cloths, Jewelry Cleaners, Paper Totes, Displays, Seals, Ribbon, and Tissue Paper. Visit or contact our Packaging and Displays specialists at x 6144 to learn more.


Custom Metal Stampings Services

Services and Solutions Custom Metal Stampings

Custom metal stampings are a great way to create your own designs, make a line of jewelry unique to your store, and offer personalization to customers. When you need a supplier to quickly and consistently make these stampings for you, choose Stuller. A range of metal options and gauge sizes are available. Visit or contact our Metals team at x 3631 to learn more.


Pack and Ship Services

Services and Solutions Pack and Ship Services

Take the shipping and packing leg work out of your day-to-day. Stuller will do it for you. You sell it, we pack and ship it. Choose from a variety of packing options, place your customer's order, and let Stuller handle the rest. Visit or contact our shipping experts at x 300 to learn more.


Payment Option Solutions

Services and Solutions Payment Options

When you're in need of new equipment, but prefer not to stretch your shop’s budget, consider Stuller’s flexible financing options. Choose from paying with clean scrap, payment terms, purchasing now with COD, credit card, pre-paid check or credit terms. Visit or contact us today at 800-877-7777 x 4300 to learn more.


Shop Setup Services

Services and Solutions Shop Setup

Whether you need a small upgrade or a full revamp, the product experts on our Tools Tech Team will work with you to find the tools and equipment that will fit your space, budget, and job capacity. The catch? There isn’t one. It’s a complimentary service. Visit or contact our Tech Team at x 4300 to learn more or get started.


Stone Setting Services

Services and Solutions Stone Setting Services

Tired of setting, looking for a fast service, or simply want to treat yourself to a day off? Use Stuller's Stone Setting Service after purchasing any diamond or gemstone with mounting from Stuller. You buy, we set, it's that easy! Visit or watch our service video to learn more.

As we all work together to adapt to the "new normal", Stuller is here and ready to help you get your business up, running, and profiting.

And as always, if you need help with a tool or want to know which is best for you, contact Stuller’s Tools Tech Team. Give them a call at 1-800-877-7777 ext. 4300 BenchJeweler Articles