Check out how these hydrogen torches can enhance your soldering and welding experience.

Soldering with the power generated by these Elettronica Todescato hydrogen torch systems can be a terrific addition to your shop and help you with any soldering job you might have! These ET hydrogen torches produce energy by utilizing electricity, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms from an electrolyte solution to create a safer, cleaner, and more economical hydrogen/oxygen fuel. This system is extremely safe and easy to use and maintain. Visual controls notify you of the solution and power levels while allowing you to set the energy needed for any soldering task.

Elettronica Todescato Hydrogen Torch

Key Features of an ET Hydrogen Torch

We are confident in these ET hydrogen torches and want you to experience this state-of-the-art, high-quality equipment designed to solve users' specific needs.

Perfect Temperature Range

The temperature range of a hydrogen torch goes from 1000°F to 6000°F. This heat range is hot enough to sufficiently cover and treat all precious and non-precious metals, excluding titanium, without you having to worry about it getting too hot. If the temperature gets too hot, you can risk weakening the metal you are working on, potentially cracking your piece.

Incredibly Fast

Several Stuller customers who own both a torch and a laser have said the hydrogen torch allows them to work faster and more efficiently than a laser when it comes to soldering jobs. This is because torches only require a single pass compared to a laser that must solder in multiple areas. This process can be ten times faster than using a laser welder, therefore saving you time for any soldering job you might have.

Elevated Safety

The quality and safety of these hydrogen torches has consistently advanced over the years. Safety is a huge priority for us, so it's important that this equipment continually evolves with safety regulations. We can proudly say that our units are among the safest torches on the market. These machines contain a safety cap, fireproof components, a back flame extinguisher, pressure gauges, and an oversized electrolyte cell thickness. We want to instill trust in you — our customer — and know that you are safe using our hydrogen gas torches. 

Need Help?

These high-quality hydrogen torches can be the perfect addition to your bench and the ideal tool for any soldering job. For more information, please contact Stuller's Tool Tech Team at 800-877-7777 ext. 4300. In addition, you can also browse for technical and practical information about our range of hydrogen torches, supplies, videos, and more.

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