2023 New Tools Brochure  

We have all the essential tools, supplies, and equipment you need to create stunning jewelry pieces. 

Our New Tools 2023 brochure features an impressive selection of tools, supplies, and equipment for jewelry makers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner just getting started or a seasoned professional, Stuller has all the tools to help you create amazing pieces of jewelry.

This new brochure is a great resource for anyone looking to create their own jewelry. With our wide range of new tools and supplies available, you can be sure to find everything you need to create something truly unique.

At Stuller, we constantly strive to offer the latest tools to help you bring your ideas to life. Our expert teams use all of these tools in our own manufacturing processes. Let’s take a look at a few highlighted products from our New Tools 2023 brochure.

An Inside Look at the Tools Used By Stuller


The Stuller Bur™ Collection

We’re now offering a full assortment of Stuller high-speed burs consisting of several new shapes and sizes. Crafted with the stone setting process in mind, our new Stuller-designed bur collection makes it easy to cut precise angles for your jewelry pieces. Manufactured exclusively by Dedeco® for Stuller, you’ll get the most accurate cut every time.

  • The Stuller Bur™ 90° Hart Bur is perfect for shaping prongs so that diamonds and gemstones will fit snugly. We also offer 70°- and 45°-degree Hart burs. 
  • The Round Bur is used for drilling, deburring and enlarging holes, and refining bezels. 
  • The Bud Bur is great for tapering, enlarging, and repositioning holes as well as other stone setting tasks.
  • The Cylinder Bur is perfect for removing large amounts of material.
  • The Cup Bur is excellent for rounding the ends or wires and refining the shape of prong tips.

To learn more about the Stuller Bur™ Collection, check out our previous article Introducing: New Additions of The Stuller Bur™. 

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Nashef™ Designs Organizers and Dispensers

  • The Nashef™ BURRO™ Bur Organizer, designed with stone setters in mind, was a collaboration with two prominent stone setters who provided their feedback on the tool design throughout the whole process. It was also designed for use with Busch, Panther, Stuller, and other prominent bur brands in the industry. It sits on a soft action lazy-Susan for smooth rotation.
  • The Nashef™ Designs KERF™ Jeweler's Saw Blade Organizer & Dispenser will hold all your saw blades. It’s designed to carry industry-standard jeweler’s saw blades which are 5 1/8” long.
  • The Nashef™ Designs BORE™ Jeweler's Drill Bit Organizer & Dispenser will hold all your high-speed drill bits. It is designed to carry industry-standard jeweler’s high speed drill bits. 
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Best Built Computerized Engravers

  • The Best Built E7 Computerized Engraver, a third-generation desktop engraving machine, boasts user-friendly design, stronger performance, innovative usability, and various device options expanding functionality. It delivers a powerful performance in a compact size. 
  • The Best Built S7 Computerized Engraver, a multipurpose desktop marking machine, comes with revolutionary changes in its functionality, structural stability, performance, and design. 
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IKohe® Mini Dust Collector

The portable IKohe® Mini Dust Collector will efficiently remove air contaminants in your shop. It contains two filter bags and a HEPA filter that eliminates 99.8 percent of dust up to 0.3 microns. It’s powerful, compact, and quiet, plus an optional bench attachment is available.

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GemLightbox Pro

The GemLightbox Pro is an all-in-one jewelry photography lightbox made especially for jewelers. It’s fitted with a professional lighting system that perfectly illuminates jewelry from every angle, so you can show off even greater color accuracy in your jewelry. One click can capture one video and four photos within 15 seconds. 

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Stuller’s Tools Tech Team 

Tools Tech Team

Our Tools Tech Team is always here to help you. We’re a group of passionate support specialists dedicated to being a resource and partner for every bench jeweler. With decades of combined experience and cutting-edge process knowledge, our team provides sales, service, and solutions to help you find the best tools for the job.

Our team is ready to assess your needs, wants, and limitations to find the solution that best meets your demands for growth. Services we provide include technical comparison, process evaluation, product sales guidance, flexible payment structures, and so much more.

Use our Tools Tech Team as your one stop for troubleshooting existing equipment or investing in new tools and equipment. We are available to meet you where you need — phone call, chat, email, and virtual consultations. Contact our Tools Tech Team today at 800-877-7777, ext. 4300, or use the chat feature on Stuller.com. 

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