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Hear from Sunstone™ on key aspects to keep in mind when deciding on an Orion laser welder. 

As the permanent jewelry trend continues to skyrocket across the globe, our team at Stuller is consistently prioritizing the most important aspect — providing the essentials of the utmost quality to help you succeed. In keeping our promise to make our customers the hero, we maintain vendor relationships with those we trust, bringing you products that we can confidently support to take your business to the next level.  

Today, we would like to share industry insight from Sunstone™ on two of their best-selling, pulse arc welders, and the benefits of each. Read on for tips to keep in mind when browsing Sunstone Orion models, and which is best for your business.  

Permanent Jewelry Insight  

Upgrade Your Customers When Working with Fine Chain

The permanent jewelry trend has heated up over the last year and shows no sign of cooling off. The latest data from Google Trends suggests that the number of online searches for “permanent jewelry” will remain steady moving forward.  

Most people purchasing an Orion pulse arc welder for their permanent jewelry business are choosing the Orion mPulse. The price point and simplicity of the Orion mPulse make it a great choice since most permanent jewelry artists don’t have the traditional skills you would find in a bench jeweler.  

The only potential con to the mPulse is its minimum power setting of 3 joules. For very fine chain, 3 joules may be too much energy for the chain to handle. As a result, the link will not fuse together but blow out, meaning the metal is vaporized or splattered onto the electrode.  

Upgrading to the Orion 150s solves the problem, allowing the artist to decrease the power to as low as 1 joule. And, unlike the Orion mPulse, the artist can increase or decrease power in two-tenths of joule increments. As a result, the artist can dial in just the right amount of power needed to close a fine chain, something a bit more difficult to do with the Orion mPulse.  

Your customers will pay more for the Orion 150s, of course, but will gain much more energy control, both in how much energy is transferred and how the energy is delivered. When working with very fine chain, the Orion 150s is the better choice.  

Here For You 

For businesses looking to expand their offering and services, permanent jewelry can build your customer base, increase revenue, and, with the right tool, provide a quick return on investment. At Stuller, our goal is to offer as many resources as possible to help you make the right decision before starting your venture.  

We also know that investing in your business takes time, dedication, and thorough research. With in-stock, ready-to-shop essentials, let us help you to get started confidently, and as soon as possible.  

Still curious about how to add permanent jewelry to your business? Check out a few of our existing resources on tips, tricks, and essentials to get started.  

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