Find the support you need to jumpstart your jewelry career with a trustworthy and consistent supplier.

Jewelry student

As you begin the exciting journey into the jewelry industry, you’ll need to match your skillset and work in the classroom with the tools and supplies to get the job done. For more than 50 years, Stuller has been supporting jewelers around the world at every stage of their career. You can trust Stuller as you kick off your career to be your partner and resource.

“At Stuller, we are dedicated to supporting our schools and students. We recognize how important these students are to the growth of the jewelry industry and want to be there for every step along the way. Whether you are looking for quality products or opportunities to grow in your craft, we are here for you,” says Stephanie Viator from the customer experience team.

Let’s look at everything you receive as a jewelry student and go through the steps for starting your Stuller partnership.

Jewelry student at Stuller event

Why Choose Stuller?

That’s a fair question to ask — strive to provide our customers with the best. Here are a few specific reasons students should be interested in Stuller.

  1. Immediate fulfillment and rapid delivery on in-stock items

Timing is everything and you shouldn’t have to wait for what you need. With a vast in-stock assortment of tools, materials, and supplies that we have on hand, you can expect your order to go out the door as quickly as the day you place it.

  1. Unparalleled customer service and support

Our team stands ready to help you with any need at any time. Call, email, fax, or even chat live with a member of our team on to receive immediate assistance. The Tools Tech Team is a specialized group of experts that is dedicated to being your resource — from product education to innovative solutions. Whatever your needs are, our team is here to assist.

  1. Access to wholesale pricing

Once your account is approved, you will have access to our competitive pricing. With a student account, you can take advantage of our selection of tools and equipment, packaging and displays, fabricated metals, findings, components, shanks, melee diamonds, and calibrated gemstones. Students also have access to our Clean Scrap program where you can recycle your extra metal and receive a quick cash payment in exchange.

  1. Networking and educational opportunities

We love meeting our customers face to face. That’s why we offer in-house events and training classes that are meant to include jewelry students. Bench Jeweler Workshop is an annual event that brings jewelers from around the world to take in-depth classes, view new product demonstrations, network, and compete in Stuller’s Battle of the Benches® — which students are encouraged to participate in. We also offer training events in basic laser welding, stone setting, and more throughout the year that give you hands-on experience as you expand your skillset.

Fun Fact: When you open your Stuller student account, you’ll receive FREE shipping on your first order.

Jewelry student at Stuller event

Your New Account Checklist

Ready to get started? Opening your student account is simple. Follow the checklist below and get approved for your Stuller account in no time.

  • On the homepage of, select Log In at the top right corner of your screen, then Apply for an Account.
  • Provide your basic contact information and select that you are a jewelry student.
  • We’ll then ask you for some more detailed information about your jewelry school program. Be sure to provide us with an estimated graduation date. It’s okay if you aren’t entirely certain when you’ll be graduating — just give us an estimate.
  • Tell us where you want your orders shipped.
  • Finally, we’ll need your Social Security number and birthday for USA Patriot Act compliance as well as a signed W9 form for tax purposes.

FYI: If you would like full access to our entire wholesale inventory of finished jewelry, large diamonds, and more, you can submit a state resale certificate to upgrade your student account. This step is not required to approve your student account.

You Are the Future

As you bring your creativity to the jewelry industry, our future is looking brighter and brighter. You can trust that Stuller will be here to address your needs and adapt with the changing times. Make the jump and open the doors on your career with Stuller today! Click here to get started.