Getting Started with Laser Welding  

Discover how to incorporate this powerful process into your jewelry business.

Laser welders benefit bench jewelers by making jewelry creation and repair processes more precise, efficient, and cost-effective. Utilizing a laser welder in your shop can increase the accuracy of custom designs, open more possibilities for intricate designs, and reduce the time it takes to complete complicated tasks.

Laser welders can be used for many applications including ring sizing, filling porosity, eliminating pitting, securing links and jump rings to chains, rebuilding channels, retipping and rebuilding prongs, stone setting, and much more.

“Our customers frequently say they are at least 50% more productive working with a laser welder, so it’s no wonder the interest in having one of these machines is so high,” says Shawn Albert, Director of Casting Operations at Stuller. “Laser welders allow you to accomplish things that are otherwise difficult—like applying heat near certain gemstones or on eyeglasses.”

Laser welds are strong and durable, allowing for better quality repairs with less time-consuming labor involved. This allows bench jewelers to deliver higher quality repairs more quickly and cost-effectively. Read on for our recommendations that will help you incorporate the powerful laser welding process into your jewelry business.

A Star Player

Coherent®-Rofin Starweld Desktop XE-Power Laser Welder

The Coherent®-Rofin Starweld Desktop XE-Power Laser Welder, a star player in our laser lineup, is a Stuller Exclusive product that is solid, dependable, and perfect for small shops. The efficient housing design provides a large working chamber, yet the system is compact enough to fit into tight spaces.

The Starweld Desktop Laser is an ideal entry level tool for those first getting started in laser welding. It’s easy to set up and comes with a weld assist system to yield optimal results. To ensure reliability and high-quality process results, the system features computer-controlled laser pulses and monitored cooling.

Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about the Coherent®-Rofin Starweld Desktop XE-Power Laser Welder:

“Great service as always! Once again, Stuller came through on another big purchase. Love our new laser and it was the best price, plus 12 months same as cash! Thanks, Stuller, for helping out the family business again.”
Meyers Jewelers
“Unless you’re a big-time manufacturer, this is the one! I’m a goldsmith diamond setter, and when I purchased this laser, wholesale repair comprised about 75% of my business. I use it for about two to three hours a day, and it’s done everything I ever thought I would need a laser to do. With this acquisition, I can now get more work done in less time and begin asserting my focus to retail and less wholesale.”
Waldo Jewelers

Tools We Use

Tools We Use

Sunstone™ Argon Gas Tank with Laser Regulator

The Sunstone™ Argon Gas Tank with Laser Regulator is an important part of the Starweld Desktop Laser experience. Argon gas is used to protect the welding zones against oxidation and promote deeper penetration and better weld quality. The argon gas also helps to reduce stresses, improve heat control, and reduce spatter. These benefits make argon gas an essential part of the laser welding process.

Ergonomic Saddle Seat Chair

If you plan on using your laser welder for long periods of time, the Ergonomic Saddle Seat Chair, a Stuller Exclusive, is the way to go. This special chair allows the bench jeweler to be comfortable and safe, as they will be seated in the correct working position. It is fully adjustable to suit the user’s height and tilt preferences, and will create healthier positions for the back, neck, and legs.

Basic Laser Training Classes

Basic Laser Training Classes

Build your laser welding future in our basic laser training classes. These two-day classes are taught by master instructors at our Lafayette, Louisiana, headquarters. If you’ve never used a laser welder or have less than two years’ experience, this class offers an all-encompassing laser welding education you’ll find beneficial.

Learn laser installation, settings, metals, safety operations, preventative maintenance and more, so you’ll have the foundation necessary to cultivate your individual style and take your business further. Bring up to three actual jobs from your shop to work on and learn using the types of jobs you do on a regular basis.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance and Cleaning

B&D, a Stuller Company, the leading supplier of laser technology, offers ongoing maintenance and care for laser welders. Our dedicated technicians provide quality and efficient support by assessing, troubleshooting, and providing solutions to any business that utilizes laser equipment.

From diagnostic evaluations and repair to one-on-one training, we offer rapid delivery and support that goes the extra mile. To learn more, check out our past article, Dedicated Support with B&D Sales and Service.

For assistance with laser welder financing, training, and maintenance, call our Tools Tech Team at 1-800-877-777, extension 430.

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