Learning a new skill can be both exciting and intimidating. This is even more true for novice jewelers that may not have the tools, equipment, or supplies to start on the right foot or the right prong for that matter.😝 The craft of stone setting at any level is challenging and the tools needed for success are vast and unique. We asked our Master Stone Setter, Krisiti Broussard to share her must have picks for the bench:

GRS GraverSmith Pneumatic Power Tool for Stone Setting and Engraving (26-4013).
From reducing worker fatigue to increasing productivity, this tool does it all. With a built-in regulator, remote filter, carry handle and built-in tool storage, the GRS power tool is at the top of our list coming at less cost than most full-featured machines!
Kristi says, "The GRS GraverSmith is great for beading. It can be used for channel and bezel settings and
even hand engraving. It moves quicker than other power tools and is less work on your arms and muscles."

Acrobat Versa and Leica A60 Complete Package (26-5101). The complete package is just that - complete! With a rigid frame to make positioning easy, ergonomic handles, Optica LED light control and the Leica A60 microscope, it’s no wonder this set-up has been trusted by engravers and jewelers for years.
Kristi says, "This package comes with a sturdy stand, document holder for jobs and is great to really zoom in and see what you are working on—for less breakage."

MicroNX 300S Micro Motor (34-6105). This versatile quick-change handpiece is like no other. It features forward and reverse functions, hand, foot, and knee options and mounting capabilities.
Kristi says, "The micro-motor is my go-to! It provides a much smoother cut with no jerk, no chatter, is less maintenance, and a very quiet machine."
Magnum Quick Change Handpiece (34-2224). No other impact handpiece can equal the Magnum's range of power, from heavy to very fine. Its compact size is misleading as the Magnum exceeds the power of previous models that are twice the length.
Kristi says, "This handpiece has a good weight to it—it's not too light and works well for all hand sizes. Great for more power and less work."

Grobet USA Motor with Quick Change Handpiece  (34-2319). This quick change handpiece runs smooth and requires no lubrication. It includes the S-300 motor, handpiece kit, foot pedal and 1-year warranty.
Kristi says, "This handpiece is great for those on a budget or new to stone-setting. The Micro-Motor is our top recommendation, however, if budget-friendly is what you need, this handpiece is great for a traditional setting method.”

GRS Microblock Ball Vise (26-4167). The Microblock Vise is great for not only stone setting, but also engraving and other precision work especially where a microscope is being used.
Kristi says,"This vise allows you to move the piece easier with a better range of motion and more comfortable hand position. It is light weight and easy to pick up in case you drop a stone and need to find it quickly. This can also be used as an engraving block or pair it with the step risers (26-4193) *bonus item* to adjust the height of any job.”

Arbe Super Silent Air Compressor (14-4990). This oil-free dual piston system allows the air compressor to work more efficiently generating less noise and wear for a longer pump life.
Kristi says, "This silent air compressor is great for working with GRS. It's oil-less, so it doesn't require much maintenance."
Busch Master Bur Kit (19-3220). From hart to square and everything in between, this 84-piece kit is perfect for those just starting or looking to round off a collection.
Kristi says, "This is a great starter kit for jewelers. Not only because it includes several different types of burs, but also because the burs are high quality for the price. Great investment kit.”

Panther Beading Tools (77-2931). Genuine Swiss beading tool kit best used to make beaded edge designs. Comes with 23 beading tools and 1 handle.
Kristi says, "
Panther Beading Tools work great with the Graversmith or in hand for maneuvering prongs and beads. *bonus item* It also works great with the 12-head beading tool sharpening block (53-1726)."

Plier Kit (Esca Italy) (46-2690). This durable and affordable plier kit is perfect for medium to small work like stone setting. It includes four pliers and two cutters: round, chain, flat and half nose with flush end and diagonal cutters complete in a vinyl pouch. These are a great way to round off our top stone setting tools at #10!
Kristi says, "Great for those looking for ‘a little bit of everything’ in a kit and just starting out on a budget.”

For more even more options, check out Stuller.com. And don’t forget to register for our Basic Stone Setting training classes in Sept 14-18 and Oct 19-23!