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Training Overview

Intro to Stone Setting – Get started with stone setting or brush up on the basics by taking this beginner's class. During this five-day class, master setter Kristi Broussard will instruct and provide you with the guidance you need to raise your setting skills to the next level.

COST (per attendee): $995.00

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Intermediate Stone Setting – Learn to set fancy stones such a Princess, Marquise, Pear, Emerald, and Oval in prong settings.

COST (per attendee): $1,495.00

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Advanced Stone Setting 1 – Learn to set Oval Bezel, Round Bezel, Round Gypsy, and Round Channel settings. Basic and Intermediate course work must be completed prior to taking this training.

COST (per attendee): $1,695.00

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Advanced Stone Setting 2 – Learn to set Marquise, Pear, Baguette, and Princess Bezel as well as Princess and Baguette Channel settings. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced 1 course work must be completed prior to taking this training.

COST (per attendee): $1,895.00

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2020 January 13-17: Basic February 17-21: Intermediate March 30-April 3: Advanced 1
April 13-17: Basic May 4-8: Intermediate August 24-28: Advanced 1
September 14-18: Basic October 19-23: Advanced 2  

All training classes are offered at the Stuller headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Why Should I Attend?

Start with the Basics

You’ll learn the most effective techniques for setting four prongs, six prongs, traditional melee prongs, pinpoint, and shared prongs. Just bring the willingness to advance your skills. Stuller will provide the materials and equipment for the session.


You'll learn about your setting tools and how to use them effectively. The class covers the best practices for working with each setting and tips and tricks for achieving top results.

Hands-On Learning

As you work, your instructor will be available to offer skilled guidance. You’ll return home with new skills and greater confidence in your setting abilities.

2/21/2020 Market Prices:
Gold 1643.30 Platinum 977.00 Silver 18.56