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Jewelry 2018-2019

Classic never goes out of style, but neither does fun fashion. In our new Jewelry 2018-2019 catalog, you’ll find a perfect blend of both. We’re excited to share the newest design trends in rings, pendants, bands, and much more.

As you know, we’ve entered the era of customization. Your customers increasingly want options to create a perfect piece that’s entirely their own. In this catalog, we’ve made finished flexible 3C designs easy to find by including each full item number for a seamless catalog-to-web experience.

Personalization is also a growing trend — so much so that we’ve given it its own section.

More highlights—

• Lab-grown diamond stud earrings have been added to our diamond selection.

• Wedding Day jewelry is featured in the catalog’s Specialty section. You’ll find the perfect jewelry for both the bride and her wedding party.

• We’ve optimized the organization of our religious jewelry. Saints medals are now alphabetized, and a special patronage guide has been included in the back of the catalog.

• QR codes are placed throughout to easily lead you to some of Stuller’s services via your smart phone or tablet.

2/15/2019 Market Prices:
Gold 1316.55 Platinum 793.00 Silver 15.68