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The latest edition of Beyond the Glass is here. Shop items from the publication, then, explore extended information to learn more about our latest selling tools, related articles, and shop the season’s top jewelry trends.

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In this issue, you'll read all about attracting your audience via three avenues: on-trend designs, digital and social media, and in-store experiences. We drew these themes from the generous feedback shared in the most recent Beyond the Glass survey. We thank you for your guidance and pledge to help you build a stronger business in return.

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Magnetic Ring Builder Kit

Mix and match magnetic settings and shanks to show endless possibilities.

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Explore our curated collections for self-purchasing jewelry customers.


Engage your clientele with autumn’s leading jewelry looks.

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Social Sell
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Learn how to add photography from the Stuller Marketing Image Portal onto Instagram in a snap.

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1/29/2020 Market Prices:
Gold 1573.45 Platinum 985.00 Silver 17.47