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The fourth issue of Beyond the Glass is finally here. Browse items from the publication, explore extended information, read related articles, and shop Spring 2020’s top jewelry trends.

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In this issue, we discuss evolving your store through three themes: business advice, on-trend designs, and gemstones. We drew these topics from the generous feedback shared in a recent survey. We thank you for your guidance and pledge to help you build a stronger business in return.

Interactive Experiences
Magnetic Ring Builder Kit

Magnetic Ring Builder

Mix and match magnetic settings and shanks to demonstrate more than 800 engagement ring possibilities.

Digital Goldsmith Rink Shank Render

Digital Goldsmith

Combine the Magnetic Ring Builder with Digital Goldsmith to create an unforgettable customer experience.


Engage your clientele with spring’s trending jewelry looks.

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Social Sell

Learn how to boost a Facebook post in five easy steps.

3/20/2023 Market Prices:
Gold 1969.35 Platinum 998.00 Silver 22.50