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CLIQ Hinged Shanks

CLIQ Hinged Shanks

January 25, 2023
Properly fitted Arthritic Shanks including the mechanical and adjustable shanks ensure a comfortable fit for your customers, and never have they been any easier to do. You can achieve the comfortable fit that your customers are asking for in just a few easy steps.

To view the the full line of Arthritic Shanks including:

Cliq (Formerly Superfit®) Shanks including Super Shank, Super Shank 8MM width/5-11 finger sizes, Solitaire Shank, Super Shank 2.50MM width/5-8 finger sizes

Finger Fit® Shanks

Finger Fit® Shank: Taper Fit(regular and princess), Adjustable Finger sizes 5-9, Double Finger Fit sizes 5-9, Adjustable Finger Sizes 2-5

ForeverFit™ Adjustable Shanks

Adjusto-Shank® Adjustable Shank