With all the choices in white metals, which one is right for you? Check out some of your options below along with their benefits.

Sterlium Plus™
This is the most innovative, all-purpose sterling silver in the industry. We are excited to announce that we now manufacture all fabricated mill product and most cast product in Sterlium Plus.

Features include:
  • Increased Tarnish resistance
  • Ultra white color

While previously difficult with traditional silver, this new alloy allows you to set even high quality stones in silver finished product. Currently available only in grain, this revolutionary alloy will soon be offered in more fabricated mill products.

Features include:
  • Extreme white color
  • Superior tarnish resistance
  • Over 95% precious metal content
  • Hardest sterling silver in the industry

X1 is white gold the way it should be, forever white. Available in 10kt and 18kt grain, and 14kt grain, sheet, wire, sizing stock, color-match solder, and laser wire.

Features include:
  • Premium grade 1 white color
  • Looks like platinum at the cost of 14kt gold
  • No rhodium plating required
  • Meets European standards

Super Palladium
This alloy offers you the highly desired benefits of platinum at a more affordable price.

Features include:
  • Lustrous white color
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Tarnish Resistant
  • Purity and strength
  • No rhodium plating required

Platinum is the most rare and heaviest precious metal on earth. We manufacture our entire platinum mill product in 95% platinum/5% ruthenium alloy.

Feature include:
  • Incredible strength and natural bright luster
  • Ideal choice for showcasing diamonds
  • No plating required
  • Does not splinter or wear easily
  • Most durable choice for everyday wear

*Product available in platinum/ruthenium (PLRU), platinum/cobalt (PLCO), and platinum/iridium (PLIR).