Welcome to repair season! With the holidays behind us and a brand-new year ahead, now is the time to tackle the first challenge of 2021: the January repair rush.

You may have already had an influx of customers requesting ring resizing or chain repair. Or they’ve come to you with lost stones from an eternity band, broken prongs, or a damaged shank.

Whatever the reason, customers will be needing your assistance and expertise this year. And to help them, you need to be repair ready.


How in touch are you with the value of repair? Did you know that jewelry repairs represent and average of 10–15% of a typical jewelry store’s monthly sales, more than 50% of customer traffic can be attributed to these services.

Here’s how you can take advantage of that traffic flow, maximize your repair business, and build lasting relationships with your customers:


How do you determine what your prices should be? Should you use the price you used 20 years ago, or should you copy your competition’s rates? Neither. We recommend all bench jewelers own a copy of Geller’s Blue Book, the industry’s definitive guide to setting prices, training your staff to sell repair work, educating customers, and having a profitable repair business.

Tip: Check out this easy-to-read guide from the pricing guru himself, David Geller: A Few Essential Jewelry Repair Pricing Tips


Whether you are using point-of-sale software or handwritten repair envelopes, the process should be the same. ALWAYS use a loupe or microscopes to examine the piece in front of the customer. Have a discussion with them regarding its condition and make notes on the repair slip. This will save you time and money in the long run as well as build your customer’s trust in you.

Triple Duty Repair Envelopes

repair envelopes


Having quality tools and materials stocked is the easiest way to minimize repair time. You may not need the latest laser welder, but having fresh burs, plenty of sizing stock, and a selection of basic findings on hand will help repairs flow in and out of your store. Invest in innovation to avoid repair frustration.

Tip: Stuller offers next-day delivery on all in-stock products. When you need something as soon as possible, rely on us to get it to you with our renowned quick shipping.


Just because you have completed the repair doesn’t mean your job is done! Picking up the piece is part of the experience. Here’s how to take advantage of these critical moments with your customer:

• Organization: Have the piece packaged and easily accessible. Rummaging through a collection of completed repairs wastes time you could be engaging your customer. Also, part of being organized is being familiar with the customer. Knowing their name and the piece they are picking up as you are greeting them can be a game changer.

• Communication: Following up is the simplest way to nurture relationships with customers and generate trust. Our suggestions include sending a handwritten thank you note within a couple of days of the repair, calling to check on the piece a couple of months out, and sending yearly reminders for customers to have their jewelry inspected.

• Presentation: Another way to decrease price sensitivity is with superior presentation. Try packaging repairs in drawstring bags or throwing in a free polishing cloth. Your customers will appreciate this small gesture, and it’s cost friendly for you.

Medium Soft Suede Pouch

repair envelopes


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