Changing a NATO Watchstrap

With a rich military heritage, a NATO is a practical utility strap known for its comfort and durability. One thing common to all NATOs is that they are long, one-piece straps that can easily be paired with almost any watch type.

Changing a NATO is quick, easy, and requires no other watch tools. And since the strap laces through the spring bars and underneath the watch, the watch will stay attached to your wrist even if one of your spring bars fail.


These straps, however, are not waterproof and care should be taken to ensure long lasting wear. Widths range from 18-22mm. Polished hardware. Available in black, brown, and tan.Both the nylon and leather strap styles are the traditional three-ring option but have an added second layer for support.All of our NATOs are great to wear. The perfect fit depends on personal preference. Shop all available options now!

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