Top 5 Stuller Tools Every Bench Needs

Top 5 Stuller Tools Every Bench Needs

Make sure your workbench is stocked and ready for any rush with these tried and tested pieces of equipment.

There are so many tools and equipment that jewelers swear by. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to look at, but every piece has its purpose. The setup of a workbench is the key to any craft; one might even say that it is equivalent to the foundation of any jewelry piece. The listed items below are considered essentials to many bench jewelers as well as top sellers from Stuller. They are tried and tested by us, so why not test them out yourself?

Our Top Picks To Have For Any Workbench


Pacific Abrasives Polishing Kit

For all of your gold and platinum polishing needs, this 70-piece kit will have you covered. The kit includes a range of silicone pre-polished and high-shine wheels; two sizes of cutting discs; mini points, mandrels, and cylinders for inside rings; and silipum wheels that won’t scratch your precious stones.

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Smith Little Torch™ Kit

From melting gold to soldering, the Little Torch will be your new best friend at the bench. It functions with any fuel gas and oxygen and includes five copper tips, two durable hoses for fuel and oxygen, and standard connectors for regulators.

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Dia True CS2 Scanner

The Dia True scans and separates lab-grown diamonds from natural diamonds – regardless of whether the stones are loose, set in jewelry, or in a melee parcel. Additionally, it can separate simulants such as cubic zirconia, and lab-created moissanite. In less than 20 seconds, the Dia True can provide accurate scans and display easy-to-read results on an embedded touch screen.

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Sheet Cadmium Free Solder

Get your soldering done quickly and safely with cadmium-free solder. Made from 100% recycled metals, this solder is offered in one-pennyweight sheets of platinum, palladium, silver, and standard karats of white, yellow, and rose gold.

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Flat Sizing Stock

Made of 100% recycled metal, our sizing stock makes ring sizing a cinch. Bench jewelers can also use this shaped wire for other applications such as making bracelets, ensuring that a fabricated and comfortable fit is possible.

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Any of these five items would be a valuable asset to any bench jeweler. We want to make sure that you stock your benches with the very best while making sure that you are ready for whatever gets thrown at you.