Did you know custom imprinting is an easy, low-cost way to leave a lasting impression in your customers’ minds and ensure they remember your jewelry store made some of their most exciting milestones possible — long after the sale is complete?

Stuller is here to help you do just that: boost your brand, personalize your packaging and display, and keep your store fresh in customers’ minds. To do this, we offer a comprehensive assortment of packaging and display items, imprinting services, and add-on favorites.

Read on to learn about our new Brand Manager Portal and the various ways we can serve your packaging and display needs.


For the easiest experience possible with our imprinting services, upload your store’s logo to the Brand Manager Portal on Stuller.com (or, if you’ve updated your logo, verify we have the correct one on file).

This nifty portal simplifies placing custom imprinting orders. You decide the items you want imprinted and ensure we have your logo, and we’ll have everything needed to brand your packaging and display items.

But if you don’t want to pick up the phone? No problem. You can place custom imprinting orders online or even repeat past imprinted orders with minimal effort.


EMAIL: Hot_Stamp@Stuller.com or call 800-877-7777, ext. 6144, to verify your on-file logo or upload a new one.


Ordering packaging and display products through Stuller.com is easier than ever once we have your most current logo on file.

Why choose Stuller for your imprinting?


    • Match your brand with 40+ colors, including custom colors.

    • Receive high-quality results with our advanced equipment.

    • Know exactly what you’ll get with real proofs and samples.

    • Reorder easily because we save your projects in our system.


Check out the various imprinting services you can use to elevate your brand.

Hot Stamping Icon HOT STAMPING

Hot stamping uses heat and pressure to imprint your logo and create a dramatic, tactile experience. Hot stamping raises your logo from the packaging surface and is ideal for use on boxes, pouches, folders, and totes.

We offer a variety of options: five matte colors, six foil colors, and 14 glossy colors.

Digital Imprinting IconDIGITAL IMPRINTING

Digital imprinting uses digitally applied ink cured with UV light to ensure your imprinted logo resists flaking and fading. With digital imprinting, the color possibilities are endless — including customizing your logo color to a specific Pantone® or CMYK color.

Whether you choose a pre-mixed color or want your exact brand colors, we make digital imprinting convenient and can imprint customized messages and multi-color logos on boxes, pouches, folders, totes, and displays.



Custom-imprinted jewelry cleaning supplies reinforce your brand identity in the customer’s mind. Every time they take out their polishing cloth or cleaner to clean their jewelry, they’ll see the jeweler who made it all possible: you.

We can imprint anything you need onto a range of cleaning supplies, like Klean Karats® jewelry cleaner or polishing cloths. Choose from four cleaning formulas and multiple jar, cap, and ink colors to offer customers an excellent add-on item or gift for large purchases. We also offer imprinted ribbons, tissue, and seals.

Remember: the shimmer of the jewelry catches their eye, but the shine of your jewelry brand identity catches their hearts. And with your name right before them, they’ll never forget where to return for more.

The Tools Tech Team experts are here for you. Give them a call at 1-800-877-7777 ext. 4300

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