Top 5 Jewelry Tools You Can Only Get from Stuller

Dive into our top recommendations for tools and equipment every jeweler needs to succeed — exclusively available at Stuller.

In today’s jewelry industry, we recognize the importance of staying ahead with the latest technology and equipment; precision, speed, and service are not only essential to profitability but in developing trust among current and future customers. Our in-house experts and teams are passionate and dedicated to bringing top-of-the-line solutions that streamline and perfect a bench jeweler’s everyday processes.

When you shop with Stuller, you gain access to the industry’s newest and most sought-after tools and equipment — and now, with Stuller Exclusives, you can easily browse bench jeweler essentials only found on

Read on as we talk more about new additions to our matchless tool and equipment offering with top recommendations from our experts that are sure to take your shop and workspace to the next level.

Introducing: Stuller Exclusives

Designed and offered with your success in mind, every item within our Stuller Exclusive assortment gives you the opportunity to stay steps ahead in the market. From diamond testing and screening equipment to repair kit must-haves like our top-rated Stuller Bur™, you can remain confident in finding everything you need in one place.

Top Tools for Success with Stuller

Let’s explore recommended products from our in-house experts that are sure to become essential in your shop or workspace — currently and exclusively available on


Ogitech DiaTrue Crystal Screener

When you invest in high-quality equipment for diamond testing and screening, you not only ensure accurate disclosure and authenticity with every diamond sale but also build trust that upholds a positive reputation for the long term.

Using the latest technology in diamond screening, the DiaTrue Crystal screener stands as one of the newest and most accurate models in the market, giving results in seconds with automatic detection. Discover an updated screen layout, a new, high-definition camera, wireless sharing opportunities, and more, now exclusive to Stuller.

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Open Grow® SureCast™ Resin

Showcasing superior castability, less handling, and enhanced color for readability, Open Grow® SureCast™ resin stands as a dynamic, unmatched solution in the world of 3D printing and jewelry design — developed exclusively for Stuller by Resinworks 3D. Formulated for maximum efficiency with no cure time and a seamless finish, this resin ensures that every casting is of the highest quality, making it one of your customization business’s best investments.

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The Stuller Bur™: Designed By and For Jewelers

Our Stuller Lab experts are always researching and testing new, innovative ideas and concepts that not only level up our in-house manufacturing processes but also reach you, our valued bench jewelers. In the case of our newest design, the Stuller Bur™, we partnered with manufacturers of Dedeco to produce Stuller’s exclusive solution to one of the most crucial and versatile tools in a jeweler’s kit: the bur.

CNC-manufactured for sharper, even fluting, every size and degree of our Stuller Bur assortment is built for long-lasting precision and unmatched consistency with every cut. Enjoy essential shapes in size ranges that start as small as 0.25 millimeters and expand up to 5.0 millimeters, keeping you prepared for any job.

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Coherent®-Rofin Starweld Desktop XE-Power Laser Welder

Looking to boost the efficiency of your jewelry repair business? Adding a laser welder to your shop can be one of the most precise and cost-effective solutions for saving time and producing high-quality results in both repairs and jewelry creation. But, with so many options on the market, it can be daunting to know which model is the best investment for your needs.

Our “star player”? The Coherent-Rofin Starweld Desktop XE-Power Laser Welder — a Stuller Exclusive that’s compact but mighty and a reliable addition to any workspace. Perfect for beginners, this model combines monitored cooling and a weld assist system that is a dependable purchase with impressive results.

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Polychem® Ultra-CR Cleaning Solution

One of the simplest essentials for your shop and business is a reliable cleaning solution with a formula that you can trust time and time again — tough on grime and dirt to bring out that brand-new polished look but safe for your machines and never harmful to your customer’s piece. Safe to use on most metals, alloys, and rhodium, the patented surfactants give a streak-free clean without sacrificing a full clean of any piece.

Exclusively available on, the five-star-rated Polychem Ultra-CR cleaning solution proves to be a favorite on any jeweler’s list, and it comes in quantities as small as one gallon up to as large as 55 gallons for any shop’s needs.

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A Jeweler’s One-Stop Shop

At Stuller, we remain dedicated to bringing every jeweler a leading assortment of high-quality, sought-after tools and equipment — always tested and always trusted by in-house experts across the board. And, with today’s recommendations of our bestselling Stuller Exclusive items, we proudly give you access to the industry’s latest in innovative technology for the confidence to succeed with every job and request.