Follow these tips to optimize your workspace and create an effective jewelry bench.

Follow this advice to optimize your workspace.

Choosing your bench setup can provide a number of challenges. Where do you begin? What tools will you need? How can you optimize your space? The most important thing to keep in mind is that your bench simply needs to work for you.

As you get started, you will want to build a bench that allows you to be efficient and organized. Doing this will maximize your profit and make accomplishing your tasks easier. Follow these tips to optimize your workspace and create an effective jewelry bench.


Tip 1: Set Up Your Bench for Your Workflow

Perhaps your primary job is ring resizing and repair. Or maybe you do more soldering or custom creation. Regardless of the job, you will want to think about the essential tools for that job. Don’t overcrowd your bench with tools, equipment, and supplies you won’t use regularly. 

If you’re unsure about specific tasks you plan to do frequently or want guidance on setting up a bench that appeals to general jewelry-making tasks, check out this video and shop the items in the description.

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Tip 2: Invest in Containers

Working with jewelry means keeping track of a lot of small pieces. Findings, solder chips and sheets, melee, and more can easily go missing if you aren’t careful — an expensive mistake to make as these expenses add up quickly!

Investing in stackable drawer organizers allows you to create an organizational system that keeps these tiny but valuable supplies safe and easy to utilize. Check out how @AlliePerryDesigns used her organizers at her bench. 

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Tip 3: Utilize Organizers for Hand Tools

Between burs, drill bits, saw blades, files, beading tools, and other abrasives, there are more than enough consumable tools to keep track of. With limited bench space, you want to use your real estate wisely while also making sure you have the right tools on hand when you need them.

By using NASHEF™ Designs organizers, you can keep all the attachments and tools that you use with your flex shafts and micromotors neatly organized in one area without taking up too much space on the bench. These organizers also make it very easy to see when it’s time to find a replacement tool. 

See just how many tool parts we were able to fit on the NASHEF Designs KÔNOS™ Jeweler’s Bur/Mandrel Organizer.

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Let Us Help

Need a second opinion or some additional advice for a bench that meets your needs in your space? Let Stuller’s Tools Tech Team help. Our group of passionate support specialists is dedicated to being a resource for every bench jeweler. Give them a call at 800-877-7777, ext. 4300.