Alex Graham here. Once again I have forced enlisted the help of Shawn Albert, Tools Product Manager, to get all the details on an exciting new product Stuller is offering!

Shawn, what do you have for me this time?

Ferro Vest V.H.T (22-4745).

… Okay …That’s … exciting!

You don’t know what that is, do you?


It’s a casting investment.

Oh! Wait - I actually do know what that is!

** I paused for acknowledgement here, but did not receive a gold star. Moving on.

So tell me what’s special about this investment?

Well, this is the investment we use here at Stuller, so it’s clearly an amazing product.

Obviously! (I am not very shy about being proud of Stuller after having first hand-knowledge of our incredible casting department. Give credit where credit is due!)

We go through tons of this stuff. Dennis Busby, one of the best casters in the world, has put his stamp of approval on it.

Approved by the Buzz. Nice! But why should someone switch from an investment they’ve been using for years to this Ferro stuff?

There are lots of reasons. Number one, it’s easy to use. It’s a great consistency – very smooth. If you know how to cast, you can work with this investment, no matter what level you are.

From student to expert?

That’s the idea. Also, it’s compatible with all commonly used pattern materials.

I have no idea what that means.

Basically, it’s compatible with all resins and waxes you typically come across. Generally, casters find themselves having to use a lot of different investments. This cuts most of that out.

Got it! A great time saver.

Yes. On that same note, it provides super-smooth, dense, bubble-free castings and eliminates surface defects found when using other two-part systems. That means less finishing time. Additionally, it reduces curing time by up to 50% over other two part systems.

Can’t be mad about that! But am I going to be mad about the price?

It might run slightly higher than other investments out there, but with this product you’re paying for all of the benefits I mentioned above that are ultimately going to save you time and money.

Tried, tested and used at Stuller with a competitive price point and top of the line benefits – wait are you waiting for? Click here to try Ferro Vest today.