Every day, Stuller’s team of expert manufacturers strive to provide you with the resources you need to delight your customers. Modern consumers want wedding bands that will last a lifetime, and you can help by providing high-quality, well-made pieces.

In our bustling manufacturing facility down in Lafayette, Louisiana, we create machined bands: precisely made, durable rings that are worthy of being a family heirloom. You, the jeweler, will be at the very beginning of that everlasting love story.

How Are Machined Bands Made?

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To create machined bands at Stuller, our team uses a process called cold drawing.

First, we take pipe that has been continuously cast and pass it through a series of dies that haven’t been preheated. Then we draw it down onto rods that help us maintain an approximate (but not exact) finger size.

In this die-reduction process, the operator starts with a larger die and slowly works it down, using multiple dies until they reach the near-finished finger size. Finally, the pipe is loaded into a CNC lathe, where it will be machined to the exact shape and finger size your customer needs.

The result? Heirloom-quality bands that are ready for finishing.

Why Choose Machined Bands?

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Since Stuller’s machined bands are cold drawn from pipe, they have a very different internal structure from cast bands, but it’s this different structure that makes them incredibly dense.

Cast pieces have a crystalline structure. When cold working to create machined bands, the material has a fibrous structure. This takes out internal defects, such as porosity, and makes it strong.

Most people, if they don’t have experience with making bands, won’t recognize the difference — but the difference is there. For instance, every cast piece of jewelry is prone to porosity. That’s never an issue with machined bands since they’re not cast to begin with.

Our Promise: Quality, Consistency, Durability

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Consistency, durability, and precision are crucial when it comes to wedding bands. When you need a supplier who can get you high-quality bands made from SCS-certified 100% recycled metals, choose Stuller.

From beginning to end — from melting the first gold bar to applying the final polish and sending the ring off for next-day delivery — our experts monitor each step of the process to ensure each wedding band you sell is worthy of the lifetime commitment it represents.

Our experts are here for you. Give us a call at 1-800-877-7777 or chat with us anytime on Stuller.com.

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