We know that sometimes selling loose diamonds and gemstones can be challenging for jewelers. After all, customers aren't quite as adept at viewing stones through a loupe. The new GemCam™ Imaging System is sure to aid gemstone buyers on the road, master jewelers in their store, hobbyists, and everyone in between. Stuller is proud to distribute the new and innovative GemCam technology. Use the tool itself in tandem with GemCam's smartphone app to take high definition, 360-degree photos, videos for easy viewing.

GemCam Features Include:

  • Lightweight, portable device with durable carrying case
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Zoom capability up to 40x – similar to microscope quality for clear inclusion identification
  • Built-in LED white lights: up lights and overhead
  • Built-in image cropping tools
  • Gem gripping from 2mm – 16mm
  • *Smartphone/tablet is not included

Tool Applications:

View Stones in Person with Customers – Not everyone can use a loupe as well as a master jeweler. Use the GemCam to view stones alongside your customers, allowing customers to become the expert by empowering them to choose their perfect stone.
Showcase the Stone Online – Use the closeup gem images to share on your social media, website, and email to customers in order to showcase your inventory and boost business.
Diamond/Gemstone Dealer – This portable tool works great on the road, too. Take it with you on gemstone buying excursions to thoroughly examine prospective stones.
Great for Appraisals – Use the device to aid in your diamond and gemstone appraisals.
Watch this product overview to familiarize yourself with the GemCam hardware

Download the GemCam App

Using your smartphone, simply locate the GemCam App in the App Store or Google Play. Look for the icon pictured here. After a quick download, you’re ready to use the app!

Using the GemCam App

Photo–When taking a picture of a diamond or gemstone, you must first place your stone in the cassette. Once the stone is in place, adjust your lighting and set magnification.

Open GemCam App

Select > Photo

Adjust Stone Accordingly

You’re allowed a few in-app options after you snap your gemstone photo, enabling you to zoom in/out, crop to suggested proportions, and rotate the image. Once you are done, always click the save image button. This will add the photo to your device's image gallery. Then, you can export the image via text, email, add to Google Drive, iCloud Photo Sharing, or post straight to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! What’s more is that if your phone is connected to a wireless printer, you can print your gemstone images straight from your device!

Zoom in • Zoom Out

Set Image Proportions

Share Photo

All gemstone and diamond photos can be logged into your Library. Click the Diamond icon, then you can categorize stones saved to your device’s photo gallery. Click select from gallery and choose the stone you’d like to categorize.

Select > Diamond

Choose Diamond Image

Take Photo or Select From Gallery

You can add multiple images and even 360-degree video to each stone entry. Then, the app prompts you to add the following stone criteria: Shape, Carat, Cut, Clarity, Color, Lab, Lab ID, Stock (for your internal inventory records), and Text. Once you click Upload Diamond, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to your diamond photo. This link is easily shared with your customer in real time. You’re also given the option to upload the diamond to RapNet – an online trading network run by Martin Rapaport’s company, the foremost authority on diamond trading.

Choose Image From Gallery

Input Diamond Specs

RapNet Prompt



•Does the GemCam come with a phone or a tablet? No, that’s something you will have to come up with on your own.
•Which platforms support the GemCam app? The free app is available on the Apple App Store and also through Google Play.
• Is the tool/app difficult to use? Not at all! The tool is simple and the app is extremely intuitive. There’s not a huge learning curve when operating the software on your phone or tablet.
• How does this device work for colored gems? This device works wonderfully for colored gems! The LED lighting is perfect for colored gemstone viewing.
• Can you stop the rotation of the gem to study specific areas of it? Yes! You can also stop the rotation using the manual spin button.
• Does this tool work with all stones shapes and sizes? It can accommodate fancy shaped stones 2mm-16mm in size.
• Can you rotate the gem slower than shown in the video? You can use the manual button to rotate and stop when you want. You can also purchase the replacement manual cassette to rotate the stone by hand.
• Does this tool only take photos of loose stones or can you take photos of mounted stones as well? Loose stones only.
• Does this tool work with the iPhone 8 Plus? It has two camera lenses. It does! The primary lens on the phone's left side is the one you will use.

For more answers about GemCam, visit Gem Cam on Facebook or call our Tools Tech team at 800-877-7777 ext. 4300.

The GemCam imaging tool used in conjunction with the app and Internet platform will transform the way you sell and promote your gemstones. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your GemCam Imaging System today!