Sunstone Orion Pulse Arc Welders  

The 7 Key Points for Using the Orion 150s

Of the four Orion pulse arc welders manufactured by Sunstone, the Orion 150s is, by far, the best-selling model. Why, might you ask? Because it sports all the power and most of the energy control features a jeweler or manufacturer needs. The Orion 200i brings additional strength and fine energy control features to the table – and this model has its fan base – but the Orion 150s fills a space that is attractive to a broader audience.

By using the Orion mPulse or Orion 100c compared to the Orion 150s will benefit you by being a much more versatile and capable tool than you expect. It’ll exceed your expectations.

Check out these 7 amazing benefits of using the Orion 150s:


1. Ease of Use

A super simplified software interface controls the Orion 150s. This makes it easier for your customers to navigate. All it takes is the touch of a finger to get the correct settings for any job.


2. Power and Precision

The Orion 150s delivers up to 150 joules of energy, which is plenty of punch for most jobs, whether in the jewelry market or for light industrial workshops. Further, the energy control features allow your customers to take the available energy and direct it to the workpiece in the most efficient way possible. Your customers will be delighted with their welding results.


3. Compact

For a micro welder with 150 joules of energy, the Orion 150s takes up very little of the workbench. The power supply’s footprint is manageable, and the reciprocating arm keeps the workbench clear. Compared to the PUK, which requires a lot of workbench space, the Orion 150s is a clear winner.


4. Touchscreen Operation

During the upselling process, it is essential to focus on the most significant differentiator. All features of the Orion 150s are controlled via a crisp, 7-inch color touchscreen display. Like any tablet, the Orion 150s touchscreen makes the welder easy to use.


5. Instant-Access Training Videos

If your customers ever need assistance in using the Orion 150s, you can access a host of training and application videos through the b=vibrant color touchscreen.


6. Flexible Articulating Arm

Unlike its competitors, the Orion 150s optics and electrode are attached to an articulating arm, which keeps the workbench clear. If you are a person who is challenged by tight quarters will appreciate this feature.


7. Budget-Friendly

The Orion 150s is the best buy for your dollar. At $5,000, the Orion 150s is not out of reach for most established jewelers and industrial workshops. The price point can't be beaten for the advanced features and power it delivers over the Orion mPulse or 100c.