Q: There are tons of self-help, recovery articles floating around the jewelry industry focused on getting back to business post-COVID. Do you have any must-do tips for our jewelers?

Don’t feel like you have to tackle everything alone. Seek help from your peers, or call the Stuller Tech  Team – we’re here to help. And try something new! What can you offer customers to entice them to shop with you once they’re able? – Taylor Viator, Technical Specialist

Reach out to your customers. Check in on them and ask how they’re doing. Good will is always returned in abundance. – Kristi Broussard, Sr. Technical Specialist

Take the time to reevaluate your plans – updating your cases, store, website, tools – anything that you’ve been putting off or that can improve your business in the long run. Reinvent yourself. Establish new traditions in jewelry shopping experiences. How will you incorporate new normal practices, like social distancing into your shopping experience?  – Jacob Dupuis, Technical Specialist


Q: As jewelers are starting to reopen their businesses, what tools do you think they should have in their shops?

Invest in a laser engraver like the L100. Add customization and upsell on a variety of items from jewelry – of course – to pocketknives or watches. The possibilities are limitless. – Jeremy Thibodeaux, Technical Manager

Some of my favorite multipurpose tools are the Micro NX Micro Motor because it does the same job as the traditional flex shaft, but with smoother cuts, and no jerk or chatter. Another would be the GRS Graver Smith. Not only can jewelers use it for engraving, but also for channel, bezel, pinpoint, and other stone setting techniques as well. – Kristi Broussard, Sr. Technical Specialist

DiaTrue CS Scanner is a must-have in stores post-COVID. Jewelers will need to protect themselves and their businesses. This machine user-friendly and will get the job done. – Sharon Duhon, Technical Specialist


Q: Budding jewelers can’t wait to get their hands dirty and dive into the jewelry industry with both feet. What advice can you give them?

Talk to other jewelers. Learn from a supportive jewelry community – like Jewelers Helping Jewelers, Jewelry Tool Garage Sale, or Benchjeweler.com. And don’t be afraid to invest in tools and equipment that can set your business apart from the competition. – Jeremy Thibodeaux, Technical Manager

Don’t rush your skills – practice, practice, practice! Not to mention we have several training classes here at Stuller to help you out as well. – Kristi Broussard, Sr. Tools Specialist

Take the time to build relationships with customers and they’ll keep coming back. Establish your story and share it with your customers. – Brighton Broussard, Tools Specialist

Best advice – clean pieces thoroughly before doing any repair work. And, make sure to keep your polishing buff separate to avoid any metal contamination. – Sharon Duhon, Technical Specialist

Bookmark resources like Benchjeweler.com and Stuller’s Video Center. These have lots of helpful articles and how-to’s. – Jacob Dupuis, Technical Specialist.

The Stuller Tech Team is ready to help! Call them anytime at 800-877-7777 ext. 4300.