The dog days of summer. And good reason they’re called such – it’s hot, foot traffic has decreased, and everyone’s on vacation. But there’s still success to be had. Optimism, planning, and fun are the cure for summertime blues. Que the helpful tips:

Curb Appeal – Does your exterior look fun and inviting? It should be well maintained and have fun with summertime window/door décor. And make sure your associates look busy! Bored employees can be a turn off to browsing shoppers.

Bonus: Have some popular, price point merchandise closer to the front so shoppers can see it right when they walk in. Vacationers are going to be a little hesitant to make large purchases, but a great keepsake is always on the list.

 Offer A Complimentary Service – Invite customers in for free jewelry cleaning or a complimentary jewelry inspection.

Bonus: Setup a charging station in your store and invite shoppers to browse while they wait. Roughly three quarters of Americans own a smartphone after all. And the more time the spend in the store, the more likely they are to make a purchase. 

Host An Event – Invite shoppers to come and try on your jewelry and even make something of their own. Pair up with local businesses for a combo event. Bring in local artists to showcase their work or talk about inspiration. See how Stuller helped Kevin Kelly Jewelers host their successful in-store event here.

Bonus: INSTORE Magazine suggests, “ Tie in food and wine with the source of the gemstones.”


Helpful Reminders – Use social media to remind your customers of the services you can provide – watch battery replacement, jewelry cleaning, simple jewelry repairs, gold buying, etc.

Bonus: Entice them to take advantage by sending a coupon via social media or email.


What are some other ways you guys have increase foot traffic during the slower summer months?