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Stuller happily collaborates with popular YouTube content creator and talented goldsmith, Jordan Mantzke. This partnership allows the Modern Goldsmith brand to interact with Stuller Tools in a way that helps educate young and rising jewelers.

Jordan Mantzke, better known as the Modern Goldsmith, had the dream of falling into this line of work all his life. After studying under three master goldsmiths, he was able to open his store in California. He creates one-of-a-kind jewelry with lab-grown diamonds and other diamond alternatives by utilizing time-tested tools and a unique perspective.

Stuller's Rob Kirkpatrick spent some time with Jordan to talk about the partnership and some of his biggest videos to date.


Jordan's insight on the world of custom and sustainable jewelry is invluable to someone just starting up. So we sent him some tools that we think would compliment any new bench. You can start your entry today by Registering Now for a chance to win the grand prize of a jeweler's bench set-up, plus various tools and equipment — perfect for the beginner jeweler.

Learn more at Stuller.com/ModernGoldsmith.