Tools We Use  

Discover our top solutions to creating a safe work environment in your shop.

We consider shop safety to be paramount for all our teams at Stuller. Today, we’re focusing on a few of the tools and essentials we use daily in our manufacturing operations. Stuller has everything you need to improve air quality safety, personal safety, ergonomic safety, and fire safety in your workshop.


Air Quality Safety


DualDraw® Downdraft Work Station 22-2000 

The DualDraw Downdraft Work Station is essential for any shop that is casting, polishing, or using any item that emits harmful chemicals in the air. With the patented downdraft design, the fumes are pushed back into the vented surface. 

Its HEPA filter ensures the capture of the harmful chemicals and conforms to OSHA guidelines, and the particle catcher will catch any metal or stone shavings.

IKohe® Mini Dust Collector 47-7575

This item is perfect for the bench jeweler who only has limited space in their shop. It is a small, relatively quiet unit that’s perfect for catching dust particles and residue in the air. It has a great bench attachment 47-7474 that helps with dust collection. 

Best Built Double Polishing Machine 47-4408

The Best Built polishing machine has a unique double filter system that combines the technology of a dense, pleated filter with a tightly woven cotton bag filter, ensuring maximum recovery. It is a fully enclosed unit which makes the use safe and cleanup easy. 


Personal Safety


Eye & Face Protection

We offer a variety of face shields, soldering goggles, and magnifying safety glasses for excellent front and peripheral vision. Our units will help keep bench jewelers safe and harmful particles out of their eyes and face. 

Shop Eye and Face Protection

Finger Protection

Our rubber and leather finger guards will prevent damage to the hands when stone setting, polishing, filing, and laser welding. 

Shop Finger Protection

Ergonomic Safety


GRS® Acrobat® Versa & Leica® A60 Complete Package 26-5101 

Trusted by hand engravers and jewelers for years, the GRS Acrobat® stand has been redesigned with a sleek form specifically for the high-powered Leica® A60 microscope. The ability to adjust and move this microscope will allow the jeweler to get comfortable and help them see their piece better. This will allow them to work in the same position for longer without discomfort. 

Ergonomic Saddle Seat Chair 13-0517 

The ergonomic shape of our saddle seat chair allows the bench jeweler to be comfortable and safe as they will be in the correct working position. This deceptively comfortable setter’s seat is a thoroughly ergonomic design and a Stuller Exclusive. It is fully adjustable to suit the user’s height and tilt preferences, and will create healthier positions for the back, neck, and legs. 


Fire Safety


Smith® The Little Torch™ Propane Caddy Kit 14-5010 

The Little Torch™ is easily maneuvered in areas impossible to reach with conventional torches and it produces a perfectly controlled, stable flame.

This highly portable, self-contained, lightweight kit comes complete with everything you need for your precision soldering or brazing operations. The kit includes an oxygen tank, regulators, safety check valves, five tips, torch, twin hose and carrying case.

Leather Welding Apron 47-3067 

Our leather welding aprons are made of side-split leather and sewn together with Kevlar® thread for extra strength. The apron features a comfortable strap assembly with a quick release buckle. This item is fire resistant and will keep you safe when working with torches. 

Tools We Use  

Check out this video to see the tools our experts use in our manufacturing operations. We confidently offer these same tools to you, our valued bench jewelers.  

Stuller offers everything you need for workshop safety such as gloves, aprons, glasses, goggles, finger guards, face shields, masks, and respirators. We have the products that will aid in keeping you and your working environment safe and toxin-free.  

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Stuller’s Tools Tech Team at 800-877-7777, ext. 4300. We have experts ready to help you with all your bench jeweler needs. Knowledge is power, and our team has it!