Matt Stuller’s humble beginnings can be found in the trunk of his ever-famous Nissan 240Z. If you would have popped that baby open 45 years ago, you would have found the small collection of componentry that now serves as the foundation of North America’s largest jewelry manufacturing facility. But there was more (because it’s all about the 2-for-1 deals right?). Not only would you have been privy to a fine collection of findings, but you would have also gotten a handshake from a young, yet eager businessman whose sole goal was to provide you — the jeweler — with everything you could ever need as fast as he could get it to you. Pretty sweet right?

And from that day forward, everything he, and we, have ever done and will continue to do is because of you, for you:

– We added toll-free ordering in the 70s (the first to do so by the way) in order to accommodate busy independent retailers. And we started fabricating our own metals to guarantee the quality of our products.

– With the goal of being your just-in-time supplier, we introduced next-day delivery in the 80s.

– Following the wave of the future, we introduced early customization options through a program called Have It Your Way in the also entered the scene allowing for 24/7 ordering for more than 200,000 jewelry-related items in 1997.

– With an even firmer commitment to technology, we partnered with jewelry-specific software developer, Gemvision Corporation in the 2000s. Results included the award-winning jewelry design program, CounterSketch® Studio (launched in 2010).

– Throughout the 2010s, we’ve continued to develop innovative products and solutions like our 3C flexible styles, the Create Bar, and more.

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And now, we’re going back to those roots and honoring them with our 45th Anniversary Virtual Trunk Show. A trunk show by definition is “an event in which vendors present merchandise directly to store personnel or customers at a retail location or another venue such as a hotel room.” We’re just taking that concept online and presenting a slew of new and bestselling findings and mountings.

And for the million-dollar question — why is this important to you? Well, not only will you get to browse some of our latest and greatest, but if you purchase any of those, you’ll also be entered to win BIG! Like all-expenses-paid trip for two to wine, dine, and tour our 600,000 square foot facility with Matt Stuller himself — BIG. But, it doesn’t stop there. We’re also giving away a CounterSketch® Studio license and a $500 Stuller account credit. Check out the details here.