Now is the time to start thinking about signing up for Stuller’s 2016 Bench Jeweler Workshop, the premier gathering for bench jewelers. Last year’s event was a big success, and there’s no time like the present to reserve a spot well in advance.


Started in 2005, the Bench Jeweler Workshop seeks to bring together bench jewelers from near and far to our headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana for a world-class educational and networking experience. You will receive access to dozens of bench demonstrations conducted by our team of experts, as well as the opportunity to “test-drive” and receive instruction in using items from Stuller’s unsurpassed inventory of jewelry-related products. You’ll also meet up with old industry friends and make new ones.


A number of new classes will debut in the 2016 schedule, including Diamond Market, a course in understanding the dynamics of the contemporary diamond economy, and Visual Merchandising, where you’ll receive tips on enticing customers with in-store design strategies. And we have a new course, Digital Technology, geared to help you understand and anticipate this growing sector of the jewelry industry. We’ve also listened closely to your input and revamped a number of classes from last year, including Polishing & Plating, Platinum, and Jewelry Photography.


The event takes places between Friday, April 1 and Sunday, April 3 at Stuller’s main campus in Lafayette, Louisiana. 


Please consider joining us for what promises to be another exciting, educational, and enjoyable gathering of the bench jeweler community.


To sign up, or for additional information, please visit