Stuller Fabricated Metals: New Laser-Cut Sheet

Check out improvements toward accuracy and precision in Stuller’s fabricated sheet selection, along with answers to your most-asked questions.

laser cut sheet

At Stuller, we never stop innovating our processes and products to bring you the best in the industry — your feedback is key to helping us deliver top-quality materials that elevate your craft and support your business. No matter the job or customer request, we are dedicated to going above and beyond in bringing you solutions that keep you confident at every step of the process or sale.

In a previous article, we revealed improvements to our process for half round sizing stock to improve and maintain consistent quality. With incredible feedback, our latest focus has been on improving the precision and accuracy of our fabricated sheet options. Thanks to your insights, we've added new additions to better meet your needs. Let's dive into this exciting new product, explore its cutting-edge manufacturing process, and answer your questions about our full range of fabricated sheet products.

New Laser-Cut Sheet

New laser cut sheet

Discover the precision and versatility of our new laser-cut sheet, now available in 16 metal qualities and gauges. Produced using innovative laser-cutting technology, our laser-cut sheet ensures unmatched accuracy in your preferred width and symmetry, giving you a product you can rely on for any job, from small repairs to custom or intricate designs.

With a wide variety of metal qualities and customizable ordering options, our fabricated sheet options are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you require specific sizes or pre-cut options, Stuller’s laser-cut sheet selection offers the flexibility you need to bring your customers’ visions to life or return their pieces to their original appeal.

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Laser Precision for Unmatched Accuracy

Why choose laser-cut sheet over traditional cutting methods? The answer lies in the precision and accuracy it offers in width and length. Unlike sheared pieces that can distort under pressure, laser-cut sheet metal provides 90-degree corners and perfect alignment, making it ideal for a range of applications without any second guessing.

Our teams have embraced this innovative manufacturing technology to meet the growing demand for precision and accuracy in fabricated metals — when it comes to your materials, we believe that you should be able to rely on a product that meets your exact needs for the job. Laser cutting ensures superior quality and efficiency every time, delivering sheet metal that consistently meets your exact specifications and keeps your work and results consistently up to par.

Why Stuller Metals?

When you choose Stuller metals, you're choosing more than just materials and supplies — you're choosing reliability and tailored support. Our fabricated precious metals are meticulously produced and manufactured with your success at the bench in mind. Benefits include

Extensive Metal Options

Browse a selection of more than 25 metal options and qualities, making it easier than ever to find the perfect match for every project — whether it's a custom piece or a repair job.

Flexible Ordering

Stuller provides low minimums for every fabricated metal purchase, allowing you to manage your inventory efficiently without overstocking

Immediate Availability

Count on our in-stock options that are ready to ship the same day you order — we make sure that you get the materials you need exactly when you need them, minimizing downtime and keeping your projects on track.

Efficient Online Ordering

Navigate effortlessly with user-friendly filters on that simplify your selection process to quickly find and order the precise metals required for your projects

Trust Stuller to deliver high-quality metals that not only support your craftsmanship but also streamline your business operations. Discover how our fabricated precious metals can elevate your creations at

You Asked, We Listened

Committed to jewelers like you, Stuller constantly refines our processes to deliver industry-leading quality. Your feedback is crucial — it helps us drive improvements in our products, services, and your experience. With help from our experts, we’ve answered some of your most asked questions on fabricated sheet options.

Questions on Metal Qualities

“I always thought gold filled was essentially a thicker plating than gold plating. Can you explain the difference?”

Great question! Gold filled refers to a base metal — usually brass — that is mechanically bonded with thinner sheets of gold. For an item to be considered gold-filled, the gold must be at least 1/20 of the weight of the material. Gold plated, on the other hand, refers to a piece that has been electroplated with gold. The thickness of the gold must be at least 1/2 micron (or, 20 millionths of an inch) of gold.

“What are the finishes of the different materials? Is everything mirror finished?”

The majority of our fabricated sheet products do have a mirror finish due to our manufacturing methods. An exception to this rule is our yellow gold-filled and 12-inch-wide sterling silver sheet products that are available with a brushed finish — a great alternative to mirror finish.

“What is Continuum Sterling Silver?”

Continuum® sterling silver is a .925 silver alloy — developed by Stuller — that is a Grade 1, tarnish-resistant, bright white metal that does not require rhodium plating. The alloy contains a small amount of palladium which contributes to the color and tarnish resistance of the metal. To learn more, visit

“Can Sterlium Plus scrap be reused, melted, or rolled?”

Yes, Sterlium Plus® scrap can be reused! We reuse all scrap generated from production within our facility. Our team does recommend that for reuse, you implement a 50/50 ratio (50% scrap and 50% fresh metal). As always, cleaned scrap should be grained for reuse. Buttons and rods should be free of investment and other contaminants, as well.

Questions on Measurements

“If it says length in inches, and I put “3,” how big will the size be?"

Product being referenced is Sterlium Plus 28 Gauge 6" – Dead-Soft/Annealed Flat Sheet.

As a reference, all our silver sheets are stocked at pre-cut widths, and the type of silver will determine what that pre-cut width is. When entering the length, the dimensions of the sheet will be the length multiplied by the predetermined width. For a handy visual, we have included a chart on the predetermined widths and the tempers available by the type of silver sheet available. You can also find this chart on page 763 of the 2024–2025 Findings & Metals catalog.

Findings & Metals Catalog Chart

Stay Tuned

As we keep refining our processes and introducing new high-quality products, there’s always something exciting on the horizon — look out for our latest announcements, in-depth articles, and expert tips designed to support you at every step of your journey. Whether it’s about our fabricated metals, tools, supplies, or more, Stuller has you covered — from prepping the bench to delivering that final piece to your customer.

At Stuller, we always encourage you, our valued customers, to be part of the conversation. Share your questions, suggestions, and experiences with us. Whether you’re curious about our metals or have ideas for future content, we’re here to listen and respond.

Have a question about metals? Submit your questions via Live Chat on or by leaving your comments and reviews under any product. For any questions not answered, our team will do their best to address them in our upcoming emails and articles on our fabricated metal assortment and products.

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