Who do we trust with the manufacturing process for your products?

Stuller has manufacturing experts who work with a wide range of tools and equipment every day. Our specialists have some of the most valuable opinions and recommendations since Stuller always strives to be the best in the industry. We want to ensure that our machinery is always top-notch for the most effortless and perfect products that we can accommodate. Check out some of our exclusive premium tools and supplies from the industry's leading brands below. 

Laser Welders 

Stuller is thrilled to offer you an assortment of standing and desktop laser welders from two of our favorite manufacturers. The Coherent®-Rofin is an exclusive laser welder line Stuller provides in both a basic and desktop version. These XE-Power Lasers are the perfect long-term investment that can help minimize your time and effort by achieving the work of two or three bench workers. We also put our seal of approval on the Oritig Evo Series and the StarWeld Desktop Laser Welders as the second manufacturer of laser welders. With their revolutionary operating system, they can satisfy all the needs of the modern industry. 

Laser Welder

These welders save time and frustration when it comes to pieces that we cannot heat with a torch. With these welders, you can make casting repairs, fix prongs, and adjust seats for stones that have been cut too deep. All these laser welders were built to last, so you can't go wrong with either one of them. 

Investment Powder

Another exclusive tool that Stuller is offering is the new X-SIL Investment Powder. This casting powder was developed to be used with all non-precious and precious alloys. The only catch is that it is 100% free of respirable crystalline silica! Standard investment powders used in the industry are a classified health hazard, and Stuller is happy to offer an alternative. Never fear; this product can still provide the same high level of casting clarity and usability as any other investment powder. In addition, GRS engineered this product to match all cast surface finishes from our premium investment powder range without the need for any process or equipment change. There's no excuse not to make the switch to this exclusive and loved product from us! 

Diamond Master Sets

Diamond Master Sets

The final Stuller exclusive product that I want to discuss are the Diamond Master Sets. These sets range in multiple styles, including diamond shapes, clarity and color, and cut quality. With your own diamond set, you can help your customers visualize their future center stones' carat size and style. In addition, it can be used as a selling tool and a training opportunity for your employees. Knowing the difference between the colors and clarity of a diamond can make it easier to sell in your store if you have an example to show off. All the stones in the sets are precision cut with the correct facet designs and professionally presented for you to view.

We hope that you take advantage of these Stuller exclusive products! Visit* our site for the complete list of our exclusive products!