Have you ever ordered something from a certain Scandinavian chain famous for its easy-to-assemble furniture? Odds are good that you have. When I moved away from home for the first time for college, my roommate and I invested in some of their shelves because they’re inexpensive and “easy to assemble.” In short, perfect for two college girls. Well let me tell you something. It took us six hours, three bottles of wine, and seventeen different death threats to put together those dang shelves. Sometimes the simplest tasks cause the most frustration. We hear you. The struggle is real.

To make your life easier, Kristi Broussard, our resident Tools Product Testing Specialist sat down and put together a diagram and step-by-step instructions to make assembling our Ring Setting Tool Kit a breeze (no, really). Check it out.


Ring-Setting Tool Kit (53-0603): Instructions for Use

Kit consists of:

  • 1 ring jig
  • 2 mounting fixtures: (1) octagon shaped, (1) rectangle
  • 18 adjustable collets
  • 3 Allen wrenches
  • 4 set screws: (2) 14.8mm, (1) 20.78mm, (1) 27.76mm
  • 2 round knobs
  • 2 cone-shaped collet mounts to be used with either set screws or round knob
Setting up the octagon fixture:
  1. Choose correct collet.
  2. Fit collet notches (raised) into notches (recessed) into octagon fixture.
  3. Put 1 cone collet mount through the collet.
  4. Put the 20.78mm set screw in the recessed hole opposite the cone mount and tighten with the Allen wrench.

           NOTE: Be careful not to over-tighten; you can stretch your ring.

 Setting up the rectangle fixture:

  1. Insert largest set screw into recessed area of the rectangle-shaped fixture.
  2. Attach ring jig opposite the set screw, turning in a clockwise direction and tighten with proper Allen wrench.
  3. Choose correct collet and fit the raised grooves into recessed area on the fixture.
  4. Insert cone-shaped collet mount into the collet.
  5. Use the round knob screw inserted into the opposite end of cone to tighten. Another option would be the small set screw and tighten with the Allen wrench.
    NOTE: Be careful not to over-tighten; you can stretch your ring.